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MicroStation Drawing Names

MicroStation drawing names will begin with the project number followed by the Drawing Code. The tables below show Drawing Codes. For example; 12345ALI.DGN would contain Alignment data for project 12345.

Bridge Cut Sheet Drawings





Level Library


A-Abut Abutment A Masonry (formerly AAM) BRC
A-Foot Footing A Masonry (formerly FAM) BRC
A-Rebar Abutment A Reinforcement (formerly AAR) BRC
A-ReFoot Footing A Reinforcement (formerly FAR) BRC
A-ReWings Abutment A Wings Reinforcement BRC
A-Wings Abutment A Wings BRC
B-Abut Abutment B Masonry (formerly ABM) BRC
B-Foot Footing B Masonry (formerly FBM) BRC
Borings Borings (formerly BOR) BRC
Bor-Req Boring Request (formerly BRQ) BRC
BrDetour Bridge Detour BRC
B-Rebar Abutment B Reinforcement (formerly ABR) BRC
B-ReFoot Footing B Reinforcement (formerly FBR) BRC
B-ReWings Abutment B Wings Reinforcement BRC
BrNotes Bridge Notes BRC
B-Wings Abutment B Wings BRC
BX-Deck Box Deck (formerly BXD) BRC
BX-Detls Box Details (formerly BDT BRC
BX-Foot Box Footing (formerly BXF) BRC
BX-ReDeck Box Deck Reinforcement BRC
BX-ReFoot Box Footing Reinforcement BRC
BX-ReWall Box Walls Reinforcement BRC
BX-ReWings Box Wings Reinforcement (formerly BXR) BRC
BX-Walls Box Walls (formerly BXW) BRC
BX-Wings Box Wings Masonry (formerly BXM) BRC
DeckBars Deck Reinforcing (formerly DRE) BRC
DeckDetls Deck Details BRC
DeckSect Deck Section (formerly DXS) BRC
Devl-View Developed Views (formerly DEV) BRC
FR-ALeg Frame Leg A (formerly FLA) BRC
FramePlan Framing Plan (formerly FRA) BRC
FR-BLeg Frame Leg B (formerly FLB) BRC
FR-Deck Frame Deck (formerly FRD) BRC
FR-Detls Frame Details BRC
FR-Foot Frame Footing BRC
FR-ReALeg Frame Leg A Reinforcement BRC
FR-ReBLeg Frame Leg B Reinforcement BRC
FR-ReDeck Frame Deck Reinforcement BRC
FR-ReFoot Frame Footing Reinforcement BRC
FR-ReWings Frame Wings Reinforcement BRC
FR-Wings Frame Wings BRC
Genplan Genplan (formerly GNP) BRC
Girder Girder Layout and Details (formerly GLD) BRC
Pier1 Pier 1 Masonry (formerly P1M) BRC
Pier2 Pier 2 Masonry (formerly P2M) BRC
Pre-Gen Preliminary Genplan (formerly PGP) BRC
Pre-Site Preliminary Site Plan (formerly PSP) BRC
QTY Quantities QTY
Re-Pier1 Pier 1 Reinforcement (formerly P1R) BRC
Re-Pier2 Pier 2 Reinforcement (formerly P2R) BRC
Shoes Bridge Shoes BRC
Siteplan Siteplan (formerly STP) BRC
SSDetls Superstructure Details BRC
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Bridge Design Drawings
Drawing Code Description Level Library(CSV)
brd Proposed Bridge for MS v8 BRD
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Cut Sheet Drawings
Drawing Code Description Prefix for Model Names
crbplans Curbing CRB
drnplans Drainage DRN
detplans Detour DET
eroplans Erosion ControlĀ  ERO
genplans General GEN
geoplans Geotechnical GEO
lndplans Landscaping LND
pvlplans Pavement Layout PVL
pvtplans Pavement Marking PVT
plplans Property Layout PL
rowplans Right-of-Way Purchase ROW
rwrplans Right-of-Way Registry RWR
shrplans Shoreland SHR
sgnplans Signing SGN
sigplans Signalization SIG
trfplans Traffic Control TRF
wetplans Wetland WET
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Plan Drawings
Drawing Code Description Level Library (CSV)
air Aerial Data EXD & AIR
ali Alignment ALI
bor Borings bor
borders Generic Cut Sheet Bxx
clr Final Design Color HER
ctr Contours CTR
det Detour DET
edd Existing Digitized Detail EXD
edu Existing digitized utilities EXD &TXT
env Environment ENV
erd Existing Digitized Right-of-Way Lines ERL
erl Existing Right-of-Way Lines ERL
ert Existing Right-of-Way Text ERT
erw Existing Right-of-Way ERW
ex1 Ex. roadway features (v7) (Discontinued, now exd) EXD
ex2 Ex. manmade features (v7) (Discontinued, now exd) EXD
ex3 Misc. existing details (v7) (Discontinued, now exd) EXD
exd Existing Detail v8 EXD
exf Field Check EXD
exl Excel Data EXL
exu Exist. Utilities & Drainage (v7) (Discontinued, now exd) EXD
her Hearing plan HER
hho Informational Handout HER & ERW
lgy Legacy Alignments ALI
llc Large location map
lnd Landscaping LND
loc Project Location Map LOC
mth Match lines MTH
pcn Proposed Contours PCN
pdr Prop. Drainage PDR
pgr Prop. guard-rail PGR
ply Prop. layout PLY
pnt Prop. notes PNT
pro Profiles (Roll Plan) PRO & Bxx
prw Proposed Right-of-Way PRW
psg Prop. signalization PSG
psn Prop. signing PSN
put Prop. utilities PUT
pvm Prop. pavement markings PVM
pwt Prop. wet PWT
pxb Pictures - Bridge Design /
pxe Pictures - Bureau of Environment /
pxh Pictures - Highway Design /
pxr Pictures - Right of Way
pxt Pictures - Bureau of Traffic /
row Right-of-way (Discontinued) /
ssd Superseded Detail /
txt Existing text TXT
xs_mc## Cross Sections XSU & Bxx
xsu Cross section Details XSU & Bxx
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