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Former Councilors

Article 60 of the second part of the constitution provides for an executive council of five members to advise and act with the governor. Before the constitution there was a council both under the temporary constitution of the Revolution and under the provincial government. Since 1913 councilors have been elected by plurality vote to represent population but previously to that they were elected by majority vote to represent property. In the colonial days councilors were appointed.

The following is a list of all the councilors from the 20th century on, giving the name and town of residence for each and years served.

Name Residence Term
James B. Tennant, Epsom 1901-03
Loring B. Bodwell, Manchester 1901-03
Charles H. Hersey, Keene 1901-03
Edmund E. Truesdell, Pembroke 1901-03
Robert N. Chamberlin, Berlin 1901-03
James Frank Seavey, Dover 1903-05
Alfred A. Collins, Danville 1903-05
Frank E. Kaley, Milford 1903-05
Seth M. Richards, Newport 1903-05
A. Crosby Kennett, Conway 1903-05
Fred S. Towle, Portsmouth 1905-07
Charles M. Floyd, Manchester 1905-07
Joseph Woodbury Howard, Nashua 1905-07
Edward G. Leach, Franklin 1905-07
Charles H. Greenleaf, Franconia 1905-07
Stephen S. Jewett, Laconia 1907-09
William H.C. Follansby, Exeter 1907-09
Herbert B. Viall, Keene 1907-09
James Duncan Upham, Claremont 1907-09
Frank P. Brown, Whitefield 1907-09
Alonzo M. Foss, Dover 1909-11
Henry W. Boutwell, Manchester 1909-11
Albert Annett, Jaffrey 1909-11
James G. Fellows, Pembroke 1909-11
Lyford A. Merrow, Ossipee 1909-11
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Thomas Entwistle, Portsmouth 1911-13
Harry T. Lord, Manchester 1911-13
Benjamin F. Greer, Goffstown 1911-13
John M. Gile, Hanover 1911-13
George H. Turner, Bethlehem 1911-13
Daniel W. Badger, Portsmouth 1913-15
Lewis G. Gilman, Manchester 1913-15
Albert W. Noone, Peterborough 1913-15
William H. Sawyer, Concord
Appointed December 12, 1913, Associate Justice of Superior Court
George W. McGregor, Littleton 1913-15
James B. Wallace, Canaan 1915-17
John Scammon, Exeter 1915-17
John B. Cavanaugh, Manchester 1915-17
Frank Huntress, Keene 1915-17
Solon A. Carter, Concord 1915-17
Miles W. Gray, Columbia
Died in Office
Herbert I. Goss, Berlin 1918-19
Charles W. Varney, Rochester 1917-19
Moise Verrette, Manchester 1917-19
William D. Swart, Nashua 1917-19
Edward H. Carroll, Warner
Died in Office
John H. Brown, Concord 1918-21
Stephen W. Clow, Wolfeboro 1919-21
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Arthur G. Whittemore, Dover 1919-21
John G. Welpley, Manchester 1919-21
Windsor H. Goodnow, Keene 1919-21
George W. Barnes, Lyme 1921-23
Albert Hislop, Portsmouth 1921-23
George E. Trudel, Manchester 1921-23
George L. Sadler, Nashua 1921-23
Fred S. Roberts, Laconia 1921-23
Oscar P. Cole, Berlin 1923-25
Stephen A. Frost, Fremont 1923-25
Thomas J. Conway, Manchester 1923-25
Philip H. Faulkner, Keene 1923-25
Arthur P. Morrill, Concord 1923-25
John A. Edgerly, Tuftonboro 1925-27
John A. Hammond, Gilford 1925-27
Arthur E. Morneau, Manchester 1925-27
Samuel A. Lovejoy, Milford 1925-27
Jesse M. Barton, Newport 1925-27
Ora A. Brown, Ashland 1927-29
Guy E. Chesley, Rochester 1927-29
Albert J. Precourt, Manchester 1927-29
Albert H. Hunt, Nashua 1927-29
Frank L. Gerrish, Boscawen 1927-29
William H. Leith, Lancaster 1929-31
Harry Merrill, Exeter 1929-31
Cyprien J. Belanger, Manchester 1929-31
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Harry D. Hopkins, Keene 1929-31
Harry L. Holmes, Henniker 1929-31
Charles B. Hoyt, Sandwich 1931-33
William S. Davis, Barrington 1931-33
James J. Powers, Manchester 1931-33
Fred T. Wadleigh, Milford 1931-33
William B. McInnis, Concord 1931-33
James C. MacLeod, Littleton 1933-35
Charles H. Brackett, Greenland 1933-35
Alphonse Roy, Manchester 1933-35
Francis P. Murphy, Nashua 1933-35
Charles E. Carroll, Laconia 1933-35
Lynn Cutler, Berlin 1935-37
Burt R. Cooper, Rochester 1935-37
Alphonse Roy, Manchester 1935-37
Thomas J. Leonard, Nashua 1935-37
James C. Farmer, Newbury 1935-37
Virgil D. White, Ossipee 1937-39
Charles M. Dale, Portsmouth 1937-39
Thomas A. Murray, Manchester 1937-39
Alvin A. Lucier, Nashua 1937-39
George Hamilton Rolfe, Concord 1937-39
Harold K. Davison, Haverhill 1939-41
Oren V. Henderson, Durham 1939-41
Thomas A. Murray, Manchester 1939-41
Arthur T. Appleton, Dublin 1939-41
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George Hamilton Rolfe, Concord 1939-41
George D. Roberts, Jefferson 1941-43
Ansel N. Sanborn, Wakefield 1941-43
Thomas A. Murray, Manchester 1941-43
William A. Molloy, Nashua 1941-43
Harold G. Fairbanks, Newport 1941-43
Scott C.W. Simpson, Bartlett 1943-45
John W. Perkins, Hampton 1943-45
Albert R. Martineau, Manchester 1943-45
Philip C. Heald, Wilton 1943-45
Harold G. Fairbanks, Newport 1943-45
Thomas J. Leonard, Nashua 1945-47
George Albert Wooster, Concord 1945-47
James C. MacLeod, Littleton 1945-47
Joshua Studley, Rochester 1945-47
Peter R. Poirier, Manchester 1945-47
Carl E. Morin, Berlin 1947-49
Paul W. Hobbs, North Hampton 1947-49
Paul J. Gingras, Manchester 1947-49
Franklin Flanders, Weare 1947-49
Donald G. Matson, Concord 1947-49
Harry P. Smart, Ossipee 1949-51
J. Guy Smart, Durham 1949-51
C. Edward Bourassa, Manchester 1949-51
Charles M. Mills, Jaffrey 1949-51
Charles F. Stafford, Laconia 1949-51
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George T. Noyes, Bethlehem 1951-53
Renfrew A. Thomson, Exeter 1951-53
Howard R. Flanders, Nashua 1951-53
C. Edward Bourassa, Manchester 1951-53
Charles F. Stafford, Laconia 1951-53
George H. Keough, Gorham 1953-55
C. Wesley Lyons, Rochester 1953-55
Howard R. Flanders, Nashua 1953-55
Romeo J. Champagne, Manchester 1953-55
John P.H. Chandler, Jr., Warner 1953-55
Parker M. Merrow, Ossipee 1955-57
Charles T. Durell, Portsmouth 1955-57
Romeo J. Champagne, Manchester 1955-57
John P.H. Chandler, Jr., Warner 1955-57
Fred H. Fletcher, Milford 1955-57
Charles H. Whittier, Bethlehem 1957-59
John P.H. Chandler, Jr., Warner 1957-59
Renfrew A. Thomson, Exeter 1957-59
Roger E. Brassard, Manchester 1957-59
Fred H. Fletcher, Milford 1957-59
Daniel A. O'Brien, Lancaster 1959-61
Thomas H. Keenan, Dover 1959-61
Roger E. Brasard, Manchester 1959-61
Harold Weeks, Hinsdale 1959-61
James H. Hayes, Concord 1959-61
Philip A. Robertson, Conway 1961-63
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Andrew H. Jarvis, Portsmouth 1961-63
Harold Weeks, Hinsdale 1961-63
Roger E. Brassard, Manchester 1961-63
James H. Hayes, Concord 1961-63
Fred H. Fletcher, Milford 1963-65
John P. Bowler, Hanover 1963-65
Fred W. Hall, Jr., Rochester 1963-65
James H. Hayes, Concord 1963-65
Emile Simard, Manchester 1963-65
William A. Styles, Northumberland 1965-67
Austin F. Quinney, Exeter 1965-67
Robert L. Mallat, Jr., Keene 1965-67
James H. Hayes, Concord 1965-67
Emile Simard, Manchester 1965-67
Philip A. Robertson, Conway 1967-69
Royal H. Edgerly, Rochester 1967-69
Emile Simard, Manchester
Did not accept office: Edward H. Cullen elected Feb. 28, 1967
Fred H. Fletcher, Milford 1967-69
James H. Hayes, Concord 1967-69
Stephen W. Smith, Plymouth 1969-71
Robert E. Whalen, Portsmouth 1969-71
Joseph J. Acorace, Manchester 1969-71
James H. Hayes, Concord 1969-71
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1969-71
Robert E. Whalen, Portsmouth 1971-73
Lyle E. Hersom, Northumberland 1971-73
John S. Walsh, Manchester 1971-73
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James H. Hayes, Concord 1971-73
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1971-73
John F. Bridges, Bedford 1973-75
Lyle E. Hersom, Northumberland 1973-75
Robert E. Whalen, Rye 1973-75
James H. Hayes, Concord 1973-75
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1973-75
Leon G. Yeaton, Dover 1975-77
Lyle E. Hersom, Northumberland 1975-77
Louis D'Allesandro, Manchester 1975-77
James H. Hayes, Concord 1975-77
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1975-77
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 1977-79
Malcolm McLane, Concord 1977-79
Louis D'Allesandro, Manchester 1977-79
Dudley W. Dudley, Durham 1977-79
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1977-79
Paul M. Mayette, Haverhill 1979-81
Malcolm McLane, Concord 1979-81
Dudley W. Dudley, Durham 1979-81
Louis D'Allesandro, Manchester 1979-81
Judd Gregg, Greenfield 1979-81
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 1981-83
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Malcolm McLane, Concord 1981-83
Dudley W. Dudley, Durham 1981-83
Louis Georgopoulos, Manchester 1981-83
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1981-83
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 1983-85
Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton 1983-85
Dudley W. Dudley, Durham 1983-85
Louis J. Georgopoulos, Manchester 1983-85
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1983-85
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 1985-87
Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton 1985-87
William P. Cahill, North Hampton 1985-87
Louis J. Georgopoulos, Manchester 1985-87
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1985-87
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 1987-89
Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton 1987-89
Ruth L. Griffin, Portsmouth 1987-89
Earl A. Rinker III, Manchester 1987-89
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1987-89
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 1989-91
Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton 1989-91
Ruth L. Griffin, Portsmouth 1989-91
Earl A. Rinker III, Auburn 1989-91
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1989-91
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Raymond S. Burton, Bath 1991-93
Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton 1991-93
Ruth L. Griffin, Portsmouth 1991-93
Earl A. Rinker III, Auburn 1991-93
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1991-93
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 1993-95
Bob Hayes, Concord 1993-95
Ruth L. Griffin, Portsmouth 1993-95
Earl A. Rinker III, Auburn 1993-95
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1993-95
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 1995-97
Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton 1995-97
Ruth L. Griffin, Portsmouth 1995-97
Earl A. Rinker III, Auburn 1995-97
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1995-97
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 1997-99
Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton 1997-99
Ruth L. Griffin, Portsmouth 1997-99
James A. Normand, Manchester 1997-99
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1997-99
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 1999-2001
Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton 1999-2001
Ruth L. Griffin, Portsmouth 1999-2001
Thomas Colantuono, Londonderry 1999-2001
Bernard A. Streeter, Jr., Nashua 1999-2001
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Raymond S. Burton, Bath 2001-2003
Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton 2001-2003
Ruth L. Griffin, Portsmouth 2001-2003
Thomas Colantuono, Londonderry
Resigned effective December 14,2001 to become United States Attorney
Raymond J. Wieczorek, Manchester was elected at a special election held
March 12, 2002 to complete the term
David K. Wheeler, Milford 2001-2003
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 2003-2005
Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton 2003-2005
Ruth L. Griffin, Portsmouth 2003-2005
Raymond J. Wieczorek, Manchester 2003-2005
David K. Wheeler, Milford 2003-2005
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 2005-2007
Peter J. Spaulding, Hopkinton 2005-2007
Ruth L. Griffin, Portsmouth 2005-2007
Raymond J. Wieczorek, Manchester 2005-2007
Debora B. Pignatelli, Nashua 2005-2007
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 2007-2009
John D. Shea, Nelson 2007-2009
Beverly A. Hollingworth, Hampton 2007-2009
Raymond J. Wieczorek, Manchester 2007-2009
Debora B. Pignatelli, Keene 2007-2009
Raymond S. Burton, Bath 2009-2011
John D. Shea, Nelson 2009-2011
Beverly A. Hollingworth, Hampton 2009-2011
Raymond J. Wieczorek, Manchester 2009-2011
Debora B. Pignatelli, Keene 2009-2011
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Raymond S. Burton, Bath 2011-2013
Daniel St. Hilaire, Concord 2011-2013
Christopher T. Sununu, Newfields 2011-2013
Raymond J. Wieczorek, Manchester 2011-2013
David K. Wheeler, Milford 2011-2013
Raymond S. Burton, Bath
died in office 2013
Joseph Kenney was sworn in on 3/26/2014
to serve the remainder of Raymond Burton's term
Colin Van Ostern, Concord 2013-2015
Christopher T. Sununu, Newfields 2013-2015
Christopher C. Pappas, Manchester 2013-2015
Debora B. Pignatelli, Keene 2013-2015
Christopher T. Sununu, Newfields 2015-2017
Colin Van Ostern, Concord 2015-2017
David K. Wheeler, Milford 2015-2017
Christopher C. Pappas, Manchester 2015-2017
Joseph Kenney, Union 2015-2017
Russell E. Prescott, Kingston 2017-2019
Andru Volinsky, Concord 2017-2019
David K. Wheeler, Milford


Christopher C. Pappas, Manchester 2017-2019
Joseph Kenney, Union 2017-2019
Russell E. Prescott, Kingston 2019-2021
Andru Volinsky, Concord 2019-2021
Debora Pignatelli, Nashua 2019-2021
Theodore L. Gatsas, Manchester 2019-2021
Michael J. Cryans, Hanover 2019-2021

New Hampshire Executive Council
107 North Main Street
State House, Room 207
Concord, NH 03301