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E-mail Claiming to Be From the FDIC - July 14, 2011

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has received numerous reports of fraudulent emails that have the appearance of being from the FDIC.

The emails appear to be sent from various "" email addresses, such as "," "," or ""

The messages have various subject lines that read: "Update for your banking account" or "ACH and Wire transfers disabled," and "Banking security update."

The fraudulent emails are addressed to "Dear clients" and state "Your account ACH and Wire transactions have been temporarily suspended for your Security, due to the expiration of your security version. To download and install the newest Updates, follow this link. As soon as it is set up, your transaction abilities will be fully restored."

The message concludes with, "Best regards, Online security department, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation."

These emails and links are fraudulent and were not sent by the FDIC. Recipients should consider the intent of these e-mails as an attempt to collect personal or confidential information, or to load malicious software onto end users' computers. Recipients should NOT access the link provided within the body of the emails and should NOT, under any circumstances, provide any personal financial information through this media.

Financial institutions and consumers should be aware that other subject lines and modifications to the e-mails may occur over time. The FDIC does not directly contact consumers in this manner nor does the FDIC request personal financial information from consumers.