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State Constitution > Secretary, Treasurer, Etc.
Established October 31, 1783 Effective June 2, 1784 As Subsequently Amended and in Force January 2007

[Art.] 67. [Election of Secretary and Treasurer.] The secretary and treasurer shall be chosen by joint ballot of the senators and representatives assembled in one room.

June 2, 1784
Amended 1950 deleting commissary-general.

[Art.] 68. [State Records, Where Kept; Duty of Secretary.] The records of the state shall be kept in the office of the secretary, and he shall attend the governor and council, the senate and representatives, in person, or by deputy, as they may require.

June 2, 1784
Amended 1792 twice transferring authority of the secretary to appoint his deputies to next article, and changing president to governor.

[Art.] 69. [Deputy Secretary.] The secretary of the state shall, at all times, have a deputy, to be by him appointed; for whose conduct in office he shall be responsible: And, in case of the death, removal, or inability of the secretary, his deputy shall exercise all the duties of the office of secretary of this state, until another shall be appointed.

June 2, 1784
Amended 1792 describing duties of the deputy secretary.

[Art.] 70. [Secretary to Give Bond.] The secretary, before he enters upon the business of his office, shall give bond, with sufficient sureties, in a reasonable sum, for the use of the state, for the punctual performance of his trust.

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