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Docket # Name
08-239 UMS, LLC (d/b/a Unique Mortgage Solutions and d/b/a 1st Mortgage Solutions), and Alexander Ramirez
Default Judgment 09/25/09
Acceptance of Service 08/25/09
Order to Show Cause 07/15/09
13-253 United Consumer Financial Services, Inc. (d/b/a
Consent Order 05/18/15
13-031 United Holdings Group, LLC
Order to Dismiss July 8, 2013 Order to Cease and Desist 02/25/14
Order to Cease and Desist 07/08/13
08-095 United Mortgage Brokerage Inc, and Andrew Datlo
Default Judgment 07/07/09
Order to Show Cause 02/05/09
07-169 United Mortgage Company
Order on Motion to Strike Default Judgment 03/05/08
Default Judgment 01/30/08
Order to Show Cause 11/16/07
11-059 Universal Mortgage Corporation, Ronald A. Huiras, Paul M. Buege, Dennis J. Creegan, John B. Fleming, and Craig N. Ahles
Motion to Dismiss 06/14/11
Order to Show Cause 03/21/11
07-025 Universal Mortgage Group, LLC
Agreement 06/14/07
09-061 Universal Mortgage Group, LLC (d/b/a Ballard Financial) and Christopher M. Ballard
Default Judgment 04/30/10
Order to Show Cause 06/24/09
08-191 Unlimited Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a Donna J. Doherty), Andrew F. Armata, and Stacey Alcorn
Motion to Dismiss 01/12/10
Order to Show Cause 12/30/09
10-511 Up Front Money (d/b/a and d/b/a for Financial Processing, LLC), Warren Williams, Kim Brown, and Phillip Saunders
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 10/18/11
19-082 Uphold HQ Inc. f/k/a Bitreserve HQ Inc.
Consent Order 10/07/19
13-BD-001 Upper Valley Commercial Corporation, David Patten, Alvin Fadden
Consent Order 01/05/15
Consent Order 12/27/13
10-464 Upper Valley Mortgage LLC, Benjamin Hunter Lindberg, Justin Craig Bitler, Estate of Lawrence Gene Stern, M.D.
Order Re: Motion to Clarify and Compel 02/01/11
Order Re: Motion for Rehearing 01/28/11
Motion to Clarify and Compel Compliance with Default Judgment 01/06/11
Default Judgment 12/17/10
Order to Dismiss Respondent Justin Craig Bitler 12/9/10
Order on Consumer A's Exparte Petition to Intervene 12/9/10
Amended Notice of Hearing 12/6/10
Order Delegating Presiding Officer 11/29/10
Notice of Hearing 11/24/10
Order to Show Cause with Immediate Suspension and Cease and Desist Order 11/24/10
16-034 Upstart Network, Inc.
Consent Order 12/20/16
16-054 U.S. Equity Advantage Holdings, Inc. (f/k/a U.S. Equity Advantage Holdings, LLC, which is formally known as U.S. Equity Advantage, LLC), and U.S. Equity Advantage, Inc.
Consent Order 07/14/16
09-002 U.S. Funding Inc. (d/b/a U.S.F.I. Lending Group), and Jay Park
Acceptance of Service 09/09/09
Default Judgment 07/07/09
Order to Show Cause 01/30/09
10-193 U.S. Mortgage Funding Incorporated (a/k/a Debt Remedy Consultants Incorporated), David Mahler, Jonathan Incandela, and Jamen Lachs
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 11/14/11
09-019 UST Mortgage Company (d/b/a UST Mortgage Company Inc), and Donald A. Bressoud
Default Judgment 05/12/09
Acceptance of Service 03/24/09
Order to Show Cause 01/30/09

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