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Docket # Name
09-068 Taylor Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp, Lee Bentley Farkas, Raymond Edward Bowman, Paul Richard Allen, Digvijay Laxmansinh Gaekwad, Sherry Dianne Dickinson and Stuart Lockard Scott
Consent Order 11/14/11
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 08/11/09
07-054 Team Mortgage, LLC and Joseph Davey, Karen Dion
Default Judgment 03/26/08
Order on Motion to Continue 02/14/08
Notice of Rescheduled Hearing 02/08/08
Notice of Rescheduled Hearing 01/31/08
Notice of Rescheduled Hearing 01/23/08
Notice of Rescheduled Hearing 01/04/08
Notice of Rescheduled Hearing 12/26/07
Notice of Rescheduled Hearing 12/12/07
Order re Motion to Continue 11/01/07
Order re Motion to Continue 10/12/07
Notice of Hearing 09/05/07
Editorial Note re Continuance 06/14/07
Motion to Sever 05/21/07
Notice of Hearing 05/21/07
Consent Order 05/04/07
Amended Order to Show Cause 04/13/07
Order to Show Cause 04/04/07
10-178 Tempus Consulting, Inc.
Consent Order 08/12/11
07-224 The Aliso Pacific Company LLC, and Andre Stecki
Default Judgment 09/25/09
Acceptance of Service 08/25/09
Order to Show Cause 07/08/09
17-256 The Car Store, Inc.
Consent Order 08/22/18
11-BD-002 The Hartford (d/b/a Hartford Life Insurance Companies, Hartford Life and Annuity Company, and Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.), Ruel Insurance Agency, and Steven Ruel
Amended Default Judgment 12/13/11
Default Judgment 07/05/11
Cease and Desist Order 04/21/11

The Home Loan Specialists, LLC, and Kristina Marie Dean
Consent Order 01/25/12

10-101 The Law Offices of Thomas W. Dvorack, P.A. and Thomas W. Dvorack, Esq.
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 04/14/11
08-108 The Lending Connection Inc, Duane N. Wellhoefer, Johnny Bowen, and Jon Heidt
Motion to Dismiss 02/19/10
Order to Show Cause 12/03/09
10-089 The MAC Group, and Marco A. Chaidez
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 08/18/11
11-018 The Modification Group, LLC and Robert Walker
Default Judgment 12/5/12
Order to Cease and Desist 10/04/12
10-189 The Modify (d/b/a Mark William Cote, Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers, P.C., and Matthew Thomas Desrochers, Esquire
Order on Motion to Vacate the Order for Notice of Hearing 6/21/13
Motion to Vacate the Order for Notice of Hearing 6/20/13
Order Re: Motion to Dismiss The Modify and Mark William Cote 6/20/13
Consent Order Re: Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers, P.C. and Matthew Thomas Desrochers 6/11/13
Order to Continue Hearing 05/21/12
Notice of Hearing 05/16/2012
Cease and Desist Order 04/26/12
09-141 The Mortgage Authority LLC, and Gustavo Martin Reyes
Default Judgment 06/17/10
Acceptance of Service 03/11/10
Order to Show Cause 01/28/10
09-122 The Mortgage Guys L.L.C. (d/b/a Jay The Mortgage Man), Donna Portinari, and Joseph Portinari
Motion to Dismiss 04/30/10
Order to Show Cause 03/18/10

The Mortgage Specialists, Inc. and Michael Gill, Individually and as President of The Mortgage Specialists, Inc.

Order of NH Supreme Court 09-23-16

Order on Respondents' Request for Rehearing 2-17-16

Final Order 12/24/15

Order on Request for Continuance 11/13/15

Order on Request to Videotape and to Continue Hearing 10/20/15

Notice of Hearing on 10/23/15
Order to Show Cause 08/26/15

13-109 The Mortgage Specialists, Inc. and Michael Gill
Order Relative to Assented Motion for Suspension of Monetary Penalties 11/22//13
Denial of Motion for Rehearing 10/28/13
Default Judgment 09/17/13
Notice of Hearing 08/02/13
Amended Notice of Pre Hearing Conference 07/19/13
Notice of Pre Hearing Conference 07/11/13
Delegation of New Presiding Officer 06/14/13
Partial Motion to Rescind Order of Production 06/5/13
Motion to Stay Hearing Order 05/03/13
Order Recusing Presiding Officer 05/02/2013
Order to Show Cause and Produce Records 04/11/13
08-223 The Mortgage Specialists, Inc., Michael Gill, Lisa Tracy, Jean Duerr, and David Caillouette
Order of Dismissal 06/04/09
Motion to Continue 05/27/09
Motion to Continue 04/08/09
Motion to Continue 03/04/09
Motion to Continue 01/27/09
Order Continue Adjudicative Hearing 12/11/08
Motion to Continue 11/13/08
Consent Order 10/23/08
Motion to Cancel Hearing 10/20/08
Motion to Continue 10/15/08
Motion to Continue 09/24/08
Motion to Continue 09/18/08
Motion to Continue 09/02/08
Notice of Hearing 08/29/08
Consent Order 08/18/08
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist Order 07/24/08
13-308 The Muffler House, LLC
Consent Order 12/17/13
08-359 The Palmer Firm, P.C., and Robert Palmer, Esq.
Order on Motion to Close Docket 02/03/12
Consent Order 02/01/12
Order on Continuance of Prehearing Conference 01/27/12
Order Re Assented-to Motion for a Prehearing Conference Date and Adjudicative Hearing Date 12/16/11
Order to Continue 11/08/11
Delegation 10/10/11
Notice of Hearing 10/07/11
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 08/25/11
The Rigley Group a/k/a Loan Reduction Hero, TriMark Financial Solutions, and G. Darrell Rigley
Default Judgment 04/22/13
Order to Cease and Desist 02/25/13
20-109 Themis Law PLLC, Babbs Law Firm, P.L., Sam Babbs, III, Esquire, and David Maresca
Consent Order 04/21/2021
18-151 TIO Networks USA Inc.
Consent Order 02/06/2020
14-333 Title Cash of New Hampshire, Inc.
Consent Order 02/20/15
08-BD-010 Tom Hoover, and LeadSystems, Inc. (d/b/a "Mortgage Protection Services Processing Center, PO Box 661028, Arcadia, California 91066-9812")
Default Judgment 06/09/09
Motion to Amend Cease and Desist Order 11/07/08
Cease and Desist Order 11/07/08
Cease and Desist Order 10/14/08
12-498 TouchPay Direct, LP (d/b/a Touchpay Child Support), Correctional Payment Services, LP, and TouchPay Holdings, LP (n/k/a TouchPay Holdings, LLC)
Consent Order 07/24/13
08-396 TLP Funding Corporation, Behzad B. Saboorian, and Emad A. Bastawros
Default Judgment 10/13/09
Order to Show Cause 07/01/09
15-265 TransferWise, Ltd.
Consent Order 02/22/16
07-105 Travelex Currency Services
Consent Agreement 06/11/07
Order to Show Cause 05/02/07
07-265 Tremont Financial LLC
Consent Order 02/06/08
Cease and Desist Order 10/18/07
17-030 Trinity Financial Services, LLC, Caneel Capital, LLC, and Don Allen Madden, III
Consent Order 09/19/17
07-101 Tri-State Mortgage Consultants, LLC
Recommended Decision and Order of the Commissioner 07/05/07
Editorial Note re Request for Extension 06/18/07
Notice of Hearing 04/23/07
18-155 TruHome Solutions, LLC
Consent Order 09/26/18
07-163 Trump Mortgage, LLC
Order to Show Cause 04/28/08
08-337 Trump Mortgage, LLC and Eugene J. Ridings
Default Judgment 10/21/09
Order to Show Cause 07/14/09
16-130 TS & A Motors LLC (d/b/a Stratham Mitsubishi and d/b/a Kia of Somersworth) and Said Yahyapour
Consent Order 05/22/17
18-028 TTT Moneycorp, Ltd.
Consent Order 08/17/2021

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