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All documents have been saved in Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol format.

Docket # Name
H&R Financial Services, Inc., Alpha & Omega Services, Inc., and William "John" Heckler
Default Judgment 12/5/12
Order to Cease and Desist 09/11/12
08-334 Hampton Bay Mortgage Company Inc, and Randall L. Pratt
Consent Order 01/11/12
Motion to Dismiss Default Judgment (Without Prejudice) 11/07/11
Default Judgment 09/13/11
Acceptance of Service 12/18/09
Order to Show Cause 11/20/09
07-275 Heartland Home Finance Inc., Heartland Enterprise, Inc., Jay W. Dunsing and Donald Flynn
Default Judgment 03/25/08
Order to Show Cause 11/16/07
07-047 Help with Debt, LLC, David A. Gelinas
Nolle Prosequi 08/20/14
Editorial Note re Motion to Continue 06/21/07
Continuance to June 26, 2007 06/05/07
Notice of Hearing 05/16/07
Cease and Desist Order 03/01/07
09-003 Hendo 66, LLC (d/b/a Clearly Simple Mortgage), and John F. Henderson
Acceptance of Service 09/29/09
Default Judgment 07/31/09
Order to Continue Adjudicative Hearing 02/24/09
Notice of Hearing 02/19/09
Order to Show Cause 01/16/09
07-118 Home Advantage Funding Group, Inc.
Default Judgment 01/22/08
Order to Show Cause 10/29/07
07-147 Home Capital Inc.
Default Judgment 10/03/07
Acceptance of Service 08/15/07
Order to Show Cause 07/18/07
11-209 Home Care Alliance Group (d/b/a and a/k/a Home Protection Firm)
Order for Default Judgment 12/09/13
Cease and Desist Order 05/10/12
08-169 Home Express Mortgage Corp, and Dmitri Pidvyssotski
Order 05/06/11
Order Delegating Presiding Officer 02/17/11
Notice of Hearing 02/14/11
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist Order 07/01/09
10-147 Home Loan Relief Center, LLC
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 04/14/11
10-429 Home Safe America, Scott Schreiber, and Guy Samuel
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 08/03/11
09-032 Homebridge Mortgage Bankers Corp (d/b/a, Michelle Bratsafolis, Nicholas Bratsafolis, Sharon Feldstein and Paul A. Levine
Default Judgment 10/13/09
Acceptance of Service 07/09/09
Order to Show Cause 06/17/09
08-027 Homecomings Financial, LLC
Consent Order 03/10/08
Order to Show Cause 02/04/08
08-257, and Jeffrey A. Pittman
Motion to Dismiss 09/15/09
Order to Show Cause 07/09/09
07-033 Honey Mae, Inc.
Order 08/20/07
Default Judgment 07/05/07
Order to Show Cause 04/27/07
14-074 Hope for Home (d/b/a and d/b/a Hope 4 Home)
Order for Default Judgment 12/02/14
Notice of Order to Cease and Desist 10/21/14
12-401 HSI Trust Homesavers, Ltd. and Bruce Boguslav, as President and Secretary of HSI Trust Homesavers, Ltd.
Consent Order 08/19/13
09-108 Hudson Home Loans LLC (d/b/a Hudson Home Loans), Joanne Gauthier and Boran Armstrong
Default Judgment 07/29/10
Amended Acceptance of Service 06/17/10
Acceptance of Service 04/15/10
Order to Show Cause 03/11/10

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