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Docket # Name
18-165 Gagnon, Ricky W. d/b/a CCRG Used Vehicles & Parts, d/b/a CCRG Auto Sales and d/b/a CCRG Automotive
Consent Order 08/01/19
10-148 Gateway Mortgage Modifications, LLC and Richard R. Reichert
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 04/20/11
06-094 Genisys Financial Corp, and Lawrence A. MacDonald
Default Judgment 09/24/09
Acceptance of Service 08/24/09
Order to Show Cause 07/07/09
10-021 Geoff Gray Corporation, Ana Paula Horta, and Sergio Rebelo Horta
Motion to Dismiss 12/15/10
Order to Show Cause 06/17/10
09-139 GHS Solutions, LLC (d/b/a GHS Debt Solutions and d/b/a
Consent Order 09/22/10
08-128 Gibraltar Funding Corp. (d/b/a IBB Funding), and Anthony Miller
Default Judgment 09/29/09
Acceptance of Service 06/23/09
Order to Show Cause 06/05/09
11-178 Global Client Solutions, LLC
Consent Order 12/14/15
07-168 Global Financial Resources, LLC (d/b/a Infinite Global Financial Resources), and Charles J. Foti
Default Judgment 10/05/09
Acceptance of Service 08/26/09
Order to Show Cause 07/07/09
11-019 Global Group Holdings, LLC a/k/a Midland Financial, LLC
Default Judgment 04/15/13
Order to Cease and Desist 12/13/12
07-125 Global Home Loans & Finance Inc.
Default Judgment 10/03/07
Acceptance of Service 07/23/07
Order to Show Cause 07/03/07
08-BD-009 Globe Life Insurance Company (d/b/a Globe Life, d/b/a Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company, d/b/a Globe Life Center, and d/b/a Home Mortgage Group)
Consent Order 12/29/08
Motion to Continue Adjudicative Hearing 12/01/08
Staff Petition 09/16/08
Cease and Desist Order 09/16/08
10-016 GMA (General Modification Affiliates) (d/b/a GMA Financial Group, d/b/a GMA Mortgage, Inc., d/b/a GMA Modification, Corp., and a/k/a, Avi P. Shenkar, Marat Tsirelson, and Igo Shrayev.
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 09/13/11
08-122 GNA Mortgage Group Inc, and Glenn E. Garafano
Default Judgment 05/12/09
Acceptance of Service 03/03/09
Order to Show Cause 12/31/08
10-066 Government Employees Credit Center, Inc. d/b/a GECC, d/b/a Cash Direct Express, and d/b/a, Vincent Keith Ney, and Brian Watt
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 11/01/10
08-159 Granger Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a, William W. Granger, and Philip M. Smoak
Default Judgment 10/21/09
Order to Show Cause 07/08/09
07-176 Great Rate Mortgage Inc, Cheryl Saladino, Tony Saladino III and Gary Delally
Motion to Vacate Ab Initio Gary Delally from Cease and Desist Order 06/08/11
Default Judgment 10/29/07
Cease and Desist Order 07/30/07
07-183 Greenfield Financial Group Inc, Daniel Rosenfield and Paul Greenblatt
Consent Order 08/30/07
Cease and Desist Order 07/30/07
10-083 Guardian Capital (a/k/a Guardian Enterprises, Inc. and d/b/a, Ali Kalantari Darian, Kalani Law Firm, a Law Corporation, and Mohammad Kalani
Response to Motion to Vacate Default Judgment 09/11/12
Default Judgment 7/11/12
Cease and Desist Order 04/10/12
07-186 Gulfstream Financial Corp and Amnon Schweitzer
Default Judgment 10/29/07
Cease and Desist Order 07/30/07

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