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Docket # Name
20-032 Dade City Finance Corp.
Consent Order 07/02/2020
07-069 Dana Capital Group, Inc., Dana H. Smith, and Amanda Smith
Order on Motion to Strike Default Judgment and Strike Respondent Amanda Smith 02/04/08
Consent Order 08/20/07
Notice of Hearing 08/08/07
Denial of Motion to Vacate 07/06/07
Default Judgment 06/01/07
Notice of Hearing 05/22/07
Order to Show Cause with Immediate Suspension and Cease and Desist 05/22/07
10-004 Dargon Law Firm P.L.L.C. (a/k/a, and Daniel Paul Dargon, Esq., Donald P. Lader, Jr., Esquire, Stephen R. Kasmar, Esquire, Joseph D. Becher, Esquire, Eric J. Simonsen, Esquire, Joseph R. Russell, Esquire, Patricia Ellis, Esquire, Jeffrey B. Merrill, Esquire, Peter Larkowich, Michelle Preve, and Lacie Kingsbury
Status of Proceeding 11/16/12
Consent Order 01/04/12
Order on Public Records 11/08/11
Order Re: Motion for Rehearing 08/03/11
Final Order - Revised Caption
Decision - Revised Caption
Final Order 06/30/11
Order Dismissing All Counts as to Respondent Merrill 06/28/11
Order 03/24/11
Decision 02/14/11
Order to Extend Time 02/09/11
Order to Extend Time 01/19/11
Order to Extend Time 01/06/11
Consent Order 01/05/11
Amended Notice of Hearing 12/01/10
Order Delegating Presiding Officer 11/29/10
Notice of Hearing 10/21/10
Amended Order to Show Cause 10/21/10
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist Order 04/01/10
08-BD-001 David A. Maloof and Franklin Savings Bank
Motion to Vacate 09/10/08
Order on Motion for Rehearing 08/11/08
Adjudicative Order 06/03/08
Order on Motion to Continue 04/01/08
Notice of Hearing 03/14/08
08-184 David J. Albert (d/b/a Priceline Auto 1, Priceline Auto Sales & Service, PriceLine Auto Sales – 2, and Priceline 3 Auto Sales & Service), Now Known As Price Automotive Service & Sales
Consent Order 05/10/11
09-021 Deborah Siegel (d/b/a Westchester Mortgage), and Deborah Siegel
Default Judgment 09/25/09
Acceptance of Service 08/25/09
Order to Show Cause 06/26/09
18-146 Debt Reduction Services, Inc.
Consent Order 08/22/18
08-361 Debt Relief USA, Inc., Alvin B. Bell, Kelly Reilly, and James F. Wojcik
Order of License Denial 01/02/09
Consent Order 12/05/08
07-316 Debt Settlement America Inc.
Consent Order 11/20/09
09-191 DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc.
Consent Order 05/21/12
09-125 Decision Mortgage Company, Inc (d/b/a Decision Capital Company of New England), and Kurt Devries
Motion to Dismiss 01/12/10
Order to Show Cause 11/30/09
07-204 DeepGreen Financial Inc.
Default Judgment 09/05/07
Order to Show Cause 07/10/07
10-012 Default Federal Student Loan Help, LLC
Consent Order 10/28/11
08-107 Deocap Corporation, Neill J. Sullivan, and William A. Raney
Default Judgment 05/12/09
Acceptance of Service 03/24/09
Order to Show Cause 01/16/09
09-152 Diener Law Office (d/b/a Home Relief Services, LLC d/b/a US Loan Mod Processing d/b/a HRS Communications d/b/a The Diener Law Firm d/b/a Diener Law Group), and Christopher Diener, Esq.
Order to Cease and Desist and Show Cause 09/07/11
08-200 Direct Lending Inc (d/b/a Direct Branch), and Guste Shukeireh
Motion to Dismiss Penalties and Strike Default Judgment 01/14/10
Default Judgment 10/19/09
Acceptance of Service 07/09/09
Order to Show Cause 06/01/09
08-040 Directors Mortgage Inc. (d/b/a USA Direct Funding), and Mark J. Hanna
Motion to Dismiss 07/28/09
Order to Show Cause 06/11/09
10-313 Discount Mortgage Relief (d/b/a Mortgage Relief, LLC and INQB8, LLC), John Common, Libby Muelhaupt, and Bruce Spurlock
Motion to Vacate Ab Initio 06/06/12
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 09/27/11
10-008 Diversified Real Estate Consultants, LLC (a/k/a and a/k/a, Daniel DePasquale, and Michael Eugene Cline
Order to Show Cause and Cease and Desist 04/25/11
07-193 Dividend Funding Corp d/b/a Financial Dynamics and James Donovan
Motion to Vacate 11/20/07
Cease and Desist Order 07/30/07
10-115 DJR Group, LLC
Order to Cease and Desist and Show Cause 04/08/11
08-245 Downeast Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a Homeowners Assistance Company and d/b/a Integrity One Home Loans), James Lindvall, Darren Briggs, James Skvorak, William Denley, and Julie Hibbard
Motion to Dismiss 03/31/10
Order to Show Cause 07/01/09
14-280 DSI-ITI, LLC (
Consent Order 05/22/15

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