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Consumer Assistance - Information

Consumer Alerts

Residential Mortgage Loan Related Settlements

Several banks, including some affiliates and subsidiaries, and mortgage loan servicers have recently agreed to out-of-court settlements that may benefit some New Hampshire homeowners. These agreements require the bank or servicer to provide some financial assistance to homeowners that meet certain qualifications. Assistance could include mortgage modifications, principal forgiveness, or help with short sales. The Ocwen and SunTrust settlements also include monetary relief for some homeowners that lost their homes to foreclosure.

In most cases homeowners will be required to complete a claim form or an Application for Modification and the bank or servicer will determine the type and the amount relief to be received. If you have questions about these settlements please call the numbers below or call 2-1-1 and talk with a local housing counselor (for free), to discuss all of your options.

April 2015 - Green Tree Servicing. Visit this website for information.

September 2014 - Flagstar Bank. Call 855-411-2372 or visit this web page for more information.

August 2014 - Bank of America. Call 877-488-7814 or visit this web page for more information.

July 2014 - Citigroup. Call 866‐272‐4749 or visit this web page for more information.

June 2014 - SunTrust. Call 800-634-7928 or visit this website for more information.

December 2013 - Ocwen Loan Servicing. Call 866-783-5382 or visit this web page for more information.

November 2013 - JP Morgan Chase. Call 866-550-5705 or visit this web page for more information.

Data Breach, Lost or Stolen Credit or Debit Cards

Residents are encouraged to check their account statements on a regular basis and if you believe your credit or debit card has been compromised, lost, or stolen, take action immediately.  The Federal Trade Commission suggests that consumers contact the card issuer and report the loss or theft immediately, follow up with your institution by mail, keep copies of statements and letters, and keep a record of the dates you made calls or sent letters.  The FTC article also provides suggestions on how to limit your losses and protect your cards and account information. Read the FTC article.

National Mortgage Licensing Website Now Available to Consumers

In order to provide homebuyers and the general public with greater information concerning the companies and professionals in the mortgage industry and in fulfillment of the federal S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008, the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) has launched a website called NMLS Consumer Access. NMLS Consumer Access is a fully searchable website that allows the public to view information concerning state-licensed companies, branches, and individuals licensed and registered through NMLS. No personal identifying information concerning individuals (such as social security number, date of birth, etc.) will be made available on NMLS Consumer Access.

Banking and Checking Issues

Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act: Frequently Asked Questions, from the Federal Reserve Board

Don’t Cash that Check! (Check and Lottery Scams) from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office

What’s Insured and What’s Not, from the FDIC

Writing a Check – Understanding your Rights, from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency pdf file

Buying New and Used Cars

The Federal Trade Commission has several documents that contain tips on car buying vs. leasing, negotiating the best deal, financing, getting the most out of warranties and service contracts, using gas efficiently, and avoiding repossession. Visit the FTC web site.

Credit Cards, Repair, Reports and Scores

Data Breach, Lost or Stolen Credit or Debit Cards - Tips from the Federal Trade Commission

General Information from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Consumer Sourcebook

Five tips to improve your Credit Score, from the Federal Reserve Board

Consumer Beware: Using Easy "Credit Repair" Companies Could Be Fraud pdf file

Credit Repair – How to help Yourself, from the Federal Trade Commission

Debt Management/Budget Counseling

Fiscal Fitness: Choosing a Credit Counselor” by the Federal Trade Commission

When your Bills Pile Up” from the UNH Cooperative Extension pdf file

Housing and Foreclosure Questions?

  • New Hampshire consumers facing foreclosure are encouraged to call 211 or visit to find a HUD Counselor or legal assistance, or information about upcoming foreclosure prevention workshops. There are no fees for these services.

Housing Counselors/Programs

APR, GFE, and LIBOR are just a few of the many mortgage terms to know and understand before you agree to buy a home. Please ask questions and consider getting help from a local housing counselor (See list below). Links to several helpful documents are also provided below.


  • Housing Counselors

NH Housing Finance Authority: (603) 472-8623

NH Office, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Manchester, NH (603) 666-7510

Affordable Housing Education And Development Program (AHEAD), Littleton, NH (603) 444-1377

Southwestern Community Services, Keene, NH (603) 352-7512 x4294

Community Home Solutions, Seabrook, NH (603) 474-7449

The Way Home, Manchester, NH, (603) 644-0180

HOMEteam, Nashua, Manchester, Concord and Laconia (866) 701-9097

Additional Federal Links

FTC’s Mortgage Payments Sending You Reeling? Here’s What to Do

Identity Theft

The Identity Theft Tool Kit, from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office

Legal Resources

Legal Advice and Referral Center (LARC) 1-800-639-5290

Lawyer Referral Service of the NH Bar Association: (603) 229-0002

Pro Bono Referral Program (NH Bar) (603) 224-5387

Disabilities Rights Center, Inc: 1-800-834-1721

Mortgages, Escrow Accounts, Title Insurance

Mortgages - Know Before You Owe, From the CFPB

Shopping for a Mortgage? What you can expect under federal rules, from the CFPB

Mortgages: Different Products for Different Needs, from the FDIC, May 2011

Escrow Accounts: What Mortgage Borrowers Need to Know, from the FDIC, May 2011

Title Insurance: Protecting Youre Home Investment against Title Defects, from the NAIC

Payday and Title Loans

Frequently Asked Questions about Payday Loans in New Hampshire pdf filefrom the NH Banking Department

General Information from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Consumer Sourcebook

Department of Defense publishes final rules – August 31, 2007

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage Information from AARP

Schemes, Swindles and Scams

General Information from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Consumer Sourcebook

Student Loans

General Information from the US Department of Education

Struggling With a Student Loan? Ask Your Lender for Help, From the FDIC, Summer 2013

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