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About Us

The NH Banking Department is responsible for the general supervision of all state chartered financial institutions. These institutions include commercial banks, fiduciary trust companies, mutual savings banks, guaranty savings banks, co-operative banks, merchant banks, and credit unions. The Department is also charged with the licensing and supervision of nondepository residential mortgage bankers, brokers, servicers and loan originators, money transmitters, retail sellers, sales finance companies, small loan lenders and debt adjusters.

State Laws mandate that the Department conduct examinations of each financial institution and licensed lender and broker to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.

State Laws also provide the Banking Commissioner with authority to investigate consumer complaints, hold public hearings and assess administrative fines and order restitution if New Hampshire State Laws are violated by institutions under the commissioner's jurisdiction.


Bank Commissioner Gerald H. Little

Jerry Little

Gerald H. “Jerry” Little was sworn in as New Hampshire Bank Commissioner by Governor Maggie Hassan on June 3, 2016.

He previously served in the New Hampshire Senate where he was Vice Chairman of the Finance and Energy & Natural Resources committees.  Jerry also served on the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee and on the Legislative Performance Audit Oversight Committee and was assigned to represent the Senate on the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Board of the Public Utilities Commission and the State Parks System Advisory and Oversight Commission within the Department of Resources and Economic Development.

Prior to serving in the Senate, Commissioner Little served for more than two decades as President and CEO of the New Hampshire Bankers Association and as Executive Director of the New Hampshire Bankers Association Insurance Trust.  He has served on the boards of numerous schools of banking and as a director of a variety of non-profit organizations, including the New Hampshire Bar Foundation and an affiliate of the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation Network.

Since moving to Weare in 2005 he has held several elected and appointed volunteer roles in local government, including town moderator and school district moderator and as a member of the town Finance and Capital Improvement Projects committees.  He was also founding chairman of the Weare Public Library Foundation. 

A life-long New Hampshire native born in Concord, Commissioner Little graduated from Concord High School in 1973 (where he met his wife Heidi) and from the University of New Hampshire in 1977.

Jerry and Heidi married in 1978 and have one daughter and two grandchildren.


Deputy Bank Commissioner

Emelia Galdieri


History of the Banking Department

The New Hampshire Banking Department is an executive agency of New Hampshire state government charged with protecting the public interest by securing the safety and soundness of banks and credit unions, and by regulating non-bank consumer loan lenders and loan brokers.

Our History

The first act relating to the bank commissioners was passed in 1837 and was approved July 5th by Governor Isaac Hill. It provided for the appointment of three commissioners for terms of one year. Prior to 1837, examinations of state banks were performed by committees of the legislature.

The terms of the commissioners continued to be of one year each until 1881, when the number of commissioners was reduced from three to two and the terms were increased to two years each. In 1889, the law was amended and a board of three commissioners was created with terms of three years each, the terms being so arranged that one expired each year. The board of commissioners continued until it was abolished in 1913, when the positions of commissioner and deputy commissioner were created by the legislature. In 1915, a board of three commissioners was restored, with one commissioner designated as chairman and the terms were extended to six years, with one expiring every two years. In 1925 changes provided for the reorganization of the bank commission, replacing the commission of three members with a commissioner, a deputy, two examiners, and other assistants. The bank commissioner and deputy were appointed for six year terms by the Governor with the consent of the executive council.

List of Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners since 1925

Until 1881 the commissioners were paid for their examinations by the banks at the rate of two dollars per day and ten cents a mile for travel. Subsequently the per diem was increased to three dollars, and in 1885 to five dollars. Salaries were first authorized in 1889.

The Small Loan Division was created in 1961. The division was responsible for the licensing and supervision of small loan companies and retail seller and sales finance companies. The division is currently referred to as the Consumer Credit Division and is responsible for licensing and supervising nonbank first mortgage lenders and brokers, mortgage loan servicers, mortgage loan originators, small loan companies, retail sellers, sales finance companies, money transmitters, and debt adjusters.

Banking and Trust Division

The Banking and Trust Division conducts examinations for safety and soundness of New Hampshire chartered banks, credit unions, trust companies, and family trust companies. The division processes and reviews applications for bank and trust charters, branches, ATMs, merger transactions, interstate acquisitions, and other corporate activity. The Division publishes a corporate activities listing, compiles data for inclusion in the Annual Report of the Bank Commissioner, and responds to inquiries from state and federal regulators, financial institutions, and the public. The Division investigates and facilitates the resolution of consumer complaints about the entities it supervises.

Consumer Credit Division

The Consumer Credit Division licenses and supervises nonbank mortgage lenders, brokers, and loan originators, mortgage loan servicers, small loan companies, retail sellers, sales finance companies, motor vehicle title lenders, payday lenders, money transmitters, cash dispensing machines, and debt adjusters. The division examines these entities for financial soundness and for compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. The division processes registration and license applications and works with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) to approve and administer a variety of license and registration types. The division compiles data for inclusion in the Annual Report of the Bank Commissioner, and responds to inquiries from state and federal regulators, financial institutions, and the public.

The enforcement section of the division brings enforcement actions as needed against licensees, and investigates and enforces the law against unlicensed activity. It investigates and facilitates the resolution of consumer complaints.

Office of the Legal Counsel

The Legal Counsel is responsible for many legal matters that come before the Department and provides advice to the Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner on matters. The Legal Counsel drafts legislation and department rules, and serves as the legislative liaison to the state Legislature.

Bank Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners Since 1925

Bank Commissioners
2016-Present Gerald H. Little
2013-2015 Glenn A. Perlow
2011-2013 Ronald A. Wilbur
2010-2011 Robert A. Fleury (Acting)
2001-2010 Peter C. Hildreth
1977-2001 A. Roland Roberge
1969-1976 James W. Nelson
1965-1968 Vincent P. Dunn
1959-1964 Harrison S. King
1952-1958 Winfield J. Phillips
1935-1952 Clyde M. Davis
1931-1934 Willard D. Rand
1926-1930 Arthur E. Dole
1925 Board: Leon O. Gerry/George E. Farrand
Deputy Bank Commissioners
4/2017-Present Emelia Galdieri
2013-2/2017 Ingrid E. White
2012-2013 Glenn A. Perlow
2002-2012 Robert A. Fleury
2000-2001 Vacant
1993-1999 Allan N. Jeannotte
1991-1992 Leon S. Merrill, Jr.
1969-1990 Arlan S. MacKnight
1957-1968 James W. Nelson
1928-1956 Leon O. Gerry
1926-1927 George E. Farrand
1925 Not Applicable

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