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Mission Statement

To secure the homeland; fight America's wars; and build partnerships by:

  • Providing the Departments of the Army and Air Force with operationally ready units and personnel in support of the total force, and for war or national emergencies as ordered by the President; upon declaration of war by the congress; or as otherwise specified by federal law.
  • Providing the state and its counties, cities and towns with operationally ready units and personnel to protect life and property and to preserve the internal security of the state when ordered by the Governor.
  • Forging and maintaining associations with our civilian and military partners at the local, state, federal, tribal, and global levels.
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New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery

To provide and maintain a dignified final-resting place to honor all veterans and eligible dependents which expresses the State's gratitude for their service to the country. The New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery conveys peace through natural beauty and is a source of pride to veterans' families and residents of New Hampshire.

Office of Veterans Services

To assist veterans who are residents of New Hampshire or their dependents in securing all benefits or preferences to which they may be entitled under any state or federal laws or regulations.

Bureau of Community Based Military Programs

To collaborate, coordinate, and communicate with military and civilian provider groups in the delivery of services to New Hampshire veterans, service members, and their families.

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