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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who uses ServiceLink Resource Center (SLRC)?

ServiceLink is available to New Hampshire residents' age 60 and older, adults 18 and older living with a disability or chronic illness, their caregivers, and anyone interested in long-term care planning.

Q. What is ServiceLink Resource Center and why has it been created?

ServiceLink Resource Centers are community centers throughout the state that offer information referral and assistance for older adults, adults with disabilities and chronic illnesses, and for those who love and care for them. ServiceLink Resource Center program was created to provide easier and better access to the kinds of resource information that help people to live fully and to enable them to learn more about their options and to make plans that support their independence.

Q. Does every community have a ServiceLink Resource Center?

There are 13 ServiceLink sites around the State. There is at least one SLRC in each county and many satellite locations throughout the state to provide greater access to consumers. Using the toll-free number connects you to a ServiceLink near you. And because each ServiceLink site is part of a statewide network, there are no "wrong doors."

Q. Where can I find a ServiceLink Resource Center location?

For a complete list of ServiceLink Resource Center locations visit: www. or call the toll-free number 1-866-634-9412

Q. How do I connect with the ServiceLink Resource Center near me and what can I expect when I call?

By calling the toll-free number 1-866-634-9412, your call will be automatically routed to a site near you and answered by a team member prepared to help with questions about a variety of needs or interests. You might be looking for respite care for a loved one, an opportunity to learn more about financial planning, or a connection to a volunteer experience. Our team will talk with you about your questions and then provide accurate information about available resources and options in your area.

Q. Do I have to give out personal information about my loved ones or myself?

No. You do not have to give any personal or contact information if you choose not to. To help ServiceLink staff know if they are successfully reaching the people they want to serve, they may ask non-personal questions like your zip code, age range or how you heard about ServiceLink. Callers who would like more assistance, need help with referrals or follow-up information would be asked to share only the necessary information needed.

Q. Is there any cost for using ServiceLink Resource Center?

No. You may access the services of a ServiceLink site by calling, visiting or viewing the ServiceLink Web site at no charge.

Q. What if I, or my family member(s), participate in some services already?

Many people already use formal and informal services but may have additional needs or interests they would like to talk about. The team at the ServiceLink Resource Center can help you review what services you are currently getting and help identify other resources in your area that address your additional needs or interests. You might also be looking for a special opportunity, such as getting together with others to learn about wellness or becoming involved in a community service program. ServiceLink Resource Center is a "connection point" for you linking you to other programs and organizations where the desired services or opportunities are actually provided.

Q. I'd like to learn more about planning for my future. Can ServiceLink Resource Center help?

Yes! Planning for the future is an important task for everyone. It involves learning all you can about the risks and opportunities ahead, then choosing the best options that fit your personal goals. ServiceLink Resource Center will be offering educational programs to help people make choices about their futures such as: financial planning, living arrangements, service availability and social connections.

Q. I want to do something for others and feel like I'm part of the community. Can ServiceLink Resource Center help me?

Yes! Each SLRC site has an active volunteer program and can link with many other exciting volunteer opportunities in the area. Whatever your personal interests and abilities, time limitations, or experience level. Your community needs you! New friends and opportunities are waiting.

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