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ServiceLink Resource Centers are trusted places in your community to get answers about healthcare and other services for older adults, persons with disabilities and family caregivers.

The ServiceLink Resource Center team is one phone call away*. We'll listen to your needs, respect your privacy and help you find answers.

Your call will be answered by one of our professional staff who will provide you with the most up-to-date and unbiased information about resources available where you live.

Do you have family members who need some help?

Do you need more services to stay at home?

Do you understand Medicare and supplemental health insurance benefits?

Do you need help taking care of your elderly parents?

Have you made phone calls looking for local services, but still haven't received answers?

Are you feeling depressed, isolated, and unable to cope?

Are you looking for answers about alternatives to a nursing home?

ServiceLink: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Established in 2000, ServiceLink is a statewide network of locally administered community-based resources for seniors, adults with disabilities and their families. ServiceLink is a free information, referral, and assistance, with local offices in 13 communities and with many satellite offices throughout New Hampshire. ServiceLink answers questions and connects users to the appropriate services that support healthy and independent living.

The ServiceLink Resource Centers builds upon the ServiceLink infrastructure. In addition to expanding its outreach to the disability community network, the SLRC integrates existing DHHS functions to provide easier access to the clinical and financial eligibility process for Medicaid long-term support benefits. Consumers will be able to contact one office to determine all the options and services available to them, instead of searching and piecing together assistance from multiple agencies and programs.

A web-based data resource system will be added to the SLRC. This system will use standardized intake and assessment forms and will produce reports to track all the required contact, demographic, and referral information needed to measure outcomes.

ServiceLink Resource Centers emphasize the "front end" of the consumer process, with the objective of improving access for consumers, reducing duplication of effort in the system, and enhancing coordination among colleagues from all disability groups.

Each SLRC is staffed with a manager, a Long Term Support counselor, and a referral specialist. The staff are trained and certified as Information/Referral Specialists by the Alliance of Information and Referral. The team is responsible for operations, responding to consumer inquiries, public education, and long-term support counseling.

The ServiceLink Resource Center team are assisted by web-based tools and supported by community Division of Client Services Family Services Specialists, Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services Long Term Care nurses, Adult Protective Services social workers, and Home and Community Based Care case managers. This team will work in partnership with community leaders and providers to develop solutions to service gaps.

Opportunities to learn and be involved

SLRC public education programs bring together interested citizens and skilled professionals around topics of special interest to older adults, adults with disabilities and chronic illness and their loved ones. Being active and involved with others is a proven way to stay happy and healthy. SLRC locations connect people with many different kinds of volunteer or service opportunities that add meaning, joy and friendship to their lives.

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