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Since 1946, the State Conservation Committee, a State of New Hampshire Department of Agriculture affiliate, has provided conservation leadership, guidance, and oversight for the ten county Conservation Districts. The State Conservation Committee (SCC) confirms Conservation District Supervisors; coordinates the Districts’ work; maintains a long-range soil and water conservation plan; and fosters coordination with other natural resource state and federal agencies, organizations, and the legislature. The SCC receives a portion of the Conservation license Plate (Moose Plate) funds and distributes the funds in grants that support conservation activities.

Who we are
Voting members include:
Lorraine S. Merrill, Commissioner, NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food
Designee: Jennifer Gornnert
Thomas S. Burack, Commissioner, NH Department of Environmental Services
Designee: Lori Sommers
Glenn Normandeau, Executive Director, NH Fish and Game Department
Designee: Richard Cook
Jeffrey Rose, Commissioner, NH Department of Resources and Economic Development
Designee: Sabrina Stanwood
Jon Wraith, Dean, NH Agricultural Experiment Station
Designee: Theodore Howard
Ken LaValley, Interim Director, University of NH Cooperative Extension
Designee: Amanda Stone
Nik Coates, Executive Director, NH Association of Conservation Commissions
William Stockman, representing Belknap and Carroll County Conservation Districts
Peter Throop, representing Cheshire and Sullivan County Conservation Districts
Linda Brownson, representing Coos and Grafton County Conservation Districts
John Parker, representing Hillsborough and Merrimack County Conservation Districts
Jim Raynes, representing Rockingham and Strafford County Conservation Districts

Non-voting advisory members include:
Roger Noonan, President, NH Association of Conservation Districts
Richard Ellsmore, District Conservationist, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
James Phinizy, State Executive Director, NH Farm Service Agency

What we do
According to NH RSA 432:11, the State Conservation Committee
  1. Offers assistance to Conservation District Supervisors to formulate and implement their programs;
  2. Informs Supervisors of the activities of the other Conservation Districts and facilitates communication, cooperation, and information sharing among them;
  3. Offers advice and consultation to CDs in carrying our their programs;
  4. Works to gain the cooperation, support, and assistance of the federal government and other state and local agencies;
  5. Informs the public about Conservation District programs and activities; and
  6. Establishes cooperative arrangements to reduce and eliminate duplication between the Conservation Districts and other agencies with similar mandates.

Learn more about the legislation that created the State Conservation Committee

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