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JONE Icon Major Projects

General Objectives

  • Provide accurate, up-to-date and timely information on offenders.
  • Put necessary information at the fingertips of law enforcement.
  • Enable accelerated case processing within the courts.
  • Enable timely electronic transmittal of dispositions to CHR.
  • Provide timely access to Domestic Violence Restraining Orders.
  • Track bail and bail conditions.
  • Support the timely provision of information to victims of crime.
  • Provide the technical infrastructure to support information sharing.
  • Allow for the infrastructure to grow over time as business and technology change.
  • Support data sharing of common data across all agencies and the courts.
  • Provide for public access to authorized information.

Specific Objectives

The following project list, compiled from the Criminal Justice Information System Master Plan (written by Maximus ) (1995) and the Blueprint Report (written by JusticeWorks) (2001), is the basis for the New Hampshire J-ONE project:

  • Arrests and Criminal Incidents: Includes arrest information from arresting agencies, information on criminal incidents and arrests for federal reporting, arrest and charging information to be used by the prosecutors, and criminal intelligence information. In addition, this will include complaint and indictment data exchanges.
  • Disposition and Sentencing: Includes disposition and sentencing information from the Courts for access by local law enforcement agencies, the Department of Corrections, county jails, etc.; information on sentences and appeals to be used by prosecutors and public defenders; and information on indigent offenders and sexual offenders.
  • Bench Warrants and Restraining Orders: Includes information on bench warrants and restraining orders from the District and Superior Courts.
  • Prosecutions and Case Scheduling: Includes case information from the prosecutors for access by the Courts, case scheduling and case management, and information on court hearings and prisoner transportation to be used by law enforcement agencies.
  • Pre-Sentence Investigation: Includes PSI requests from the Courts and PSI reports and documentation. This will also cover data exchanges with probation and parole and field offices.
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