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Criminal Records Unit
Applicant Fingerprint Card Submissions

The recent upgrade of our Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) now enables the electronic submission of applicant tenprint cards to the FBI for a nationwide criminal record check. FBI response can now be achieved within hours of submission.

This improved technology changes the complexion of how an agency will submit the paperwork required to comply with the background check statutes.

Some agency licensees/applicants may be fingerprinted on a livescan device located at one of the state police livescan sites, or select local law enforcement agencies. The fingerprint impressions will be electronically sent to the State Police, and immediately forwarded to the FBI.  The applicant/licensee must produce the state request form and payment for the NH and FBI criminal history record check, and any related administrative fees to the livescan operator. The results of the NH and FBI check will be sent directly to the employing/licensing entity.

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