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July 14, 2014
Contact: Lieutenant John Begin
(603) 223-8778

Teens and Trucks 2014

"Teens & Trucks" is a safety outreach program targeting drivers ages 16 to 24 with the purpose of reducing crashes involving commercial motor vehicles (CMV's).

In New Hampshire, nearly 80% of fatal crashes involving commercial motor vehicles are the fault of the passenger vehicle driver. With funding from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the New Hampshire State Police - Troop G started a program in 2012 to present an educational module to Driver Education classes throughout the state about the differences between large trucks and buses compared to passenger vehicles operating on the roadways.

As part of this program, a New Hampshire State Trooper presents an educational module to students at a local Driver Education classroom addressing topics like the additional stopping distance needed for a truck, staying out of the truck's blind spots (known as the "No Zone"), safe lane changes around trucks, how trucks make wide turns because of their size, etc.

The New Hampshire State Police - Troop G, along with the New Hampshire Motor Transport Association and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, arrange for a CMV to arrive on-site during a Driver Education class. This allows for students to see a CMV up close and even sit inside and see things from a truck driver's perspective. Students get a live demo of what is meant by operating in the "safe" areas around CMV's.

This type of experience is invaluable to our new drivers! You are welcome to come and observe this live demonstration on July 16th from 5:30 PM-7:30 PM at Driving Solutions LLC, located at 28 Charron Avenue in Nashua, NH.

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