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For Immediate Release
January 7, 2014
Lieutenant Nicole Armaganian
(603) 223-8500


The New Hampshire State Police would like to take this opportunity to remind the motoring public of their responsibility to slow down when driving in hazardous conditions, particularly in poor weather conditions. Driving on our roadways is a partnership, and the motor public is our greatest partner. We ALL have a responsibility in helping to keep our roadways safe; please do your part.

Winter weather has always been a challenge for drivers; however, this winter we are seeing a general decline in operator’s attentiveness when driving in poor weather conditions. We have even experienced three cruisers being struck within a week’s time frame; all while Troopers were covering crashes. If highly visible vehicles are being stuck while off to the side of the roadway with their emergency lights activated, what could happen to someone driving a vehicle that is less visible? Please help us to keep our roadways safe as we travel throughout the State of New Hampshire.

The winter season has just begun….please slow down when driving in inclement weather.

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