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For Immediate Release
August 26, 2011
Contact: Sgt. Josh Dirth, NH Marine Patrol
Jane Vachon, NH Fish and Game Department

New Hampshire Marine Patrol Issues Precautions For Boat Owners and Inland Waterway Users

The New Hampshire Marine Patrol is issuing warnings to the users of inland waters as Hurricane Irene approaches New England. As the storm approaches the region, now is the time for property owners and visitors to take the necessary precautions in order to avoid the dangers of a storm of this magnitude.

Island residents should be considering their individual needs. Persons living on an island should consider temporary lodging on the mainland, especially those with existing medical conditions. All residents need to be reminded that emergency response to islands may be significantly delayed during weather events of this nature. In addition, water conditions may make it impossible to access your frontage directly and may require emergency services to travel across an island in order to reach your residence. Also for consideration is the ability to leave an island if conditions become severe. If a person finds themselves wanting to leave mid-storm, they should not expect that transportation will be immediately available from emergency responders.

Anyone boating this weekend should plan for deteriorating conditions as the weekend progresses. If boating during stormy conditions can’t be avoided, officials urge all persons aboard to wear a life jacket. In the event your boat capsizes or swamps, all persons should stay with the boat until help arrives.

Shorefront property owners should also take the necessary steps to secure small row boats, kayaks, canoes, sailboats, etc. and ensure that all docks, lines/ ropes and mooring chains (underwater at the anchor) are in serviceable condition. This equipment is often worn or in disrepair after a long summer season. Expected high winds and extreme water conditions will ultimately lead to damaged or destroyed boats, swim floats, docks, and other waterfront property. Your boat will be safest on a mooring if the mooring is equipped with the proper weight and line. If you are keeping your boat at a dock, be sure to tie it “bow out” and remember to trim up the outdrive.

Please continue to monitor weather forecasts and local news outlets for updated information. In the event of an emergency, Marine Patrol can be reached by calling 911.

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