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Nuclear Power Plants
Emergency Plan for Your Protection

Plan Ahead

Everyone in your family should know what to do in an emergency. Go over the information on these pages together. Decide who would pick up school children at their reception center, where to meet if you were apart in an emergency, and so on. Be sure children know what to do if they are alone and the sirens sound. Talk with your friends and neighbors, so you can help each other if necessary.

Read these pages carefully with your family. They have been prepared to help you respond if there is an emergency at Seabrook Station. It’s a good idea to prepare for an emergency now, just as you’d have a family plan for what to do if there is a fire in your home.

  • Keep some things safe and handy in case of emergency:
    • portable radio, flashlight, and extra batteries
    • important papers
    • medicines
    • required diet foods
    • first-aid items
    • extra supplies for babies and pets
    • Keep your car in good running order; don't let the gas tank get low.
  • Locate the designated evacuation route listed for your community. Check this information with your evacuation map.
  • If you think transportation could be a problem during an evacuation, check with neighbors to see if you can ride with one of them in the event of an emergency. As a backup, check the transportation assistance telephone number listed for your community.
  • Plan now to stay with a friend or relative outside the emergency planning zone if an evacuation is recommended. If that is not possible, go to your designated reception center. Map with directions to your reception center.
  • Find out which reception center your school-aged children will be taken to in an emergency. If you don't know, call your child’s school.
  • Keep an extra set of car keys handy.

Nuclear Power Plants

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