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Nuclear Power Plants
Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant
Sirens and the Emergency Alert System (EAS)

The Emergency Alert System will provide you with official information in case of tornados, floods, nuclear power plant accidents, or other emergencies.

Sirens would sound in your community if there were an emergency. The sirens would make a steady three-to-five-minute sound. If you hear this signal, turn on your radio immediately. Tune to the primary Emergency Alert System station shown on this page. This station would broadcast an emergency message indicating the type of emergency. Radio announcements would tell you what to do. Staying tuned to the radio might be all you would need to do. Or, you might be told to take other action. Fire and police officers would also help to notify the handicapped.

Boaters in the area would be alerted by the US Coast Guard. Channels 16 and 22 on marine radio would also give boaters information.

The sirens would also be able to broadcast special emergency messages to alert people at the beaches.

If you hear a siren, go indoors. Go inside your home or any nearby building. Tune to the primary Emergency Alert System (EAS) station. This station would broadcast an emergency message.

In case of an emergency, always stay tuned to the primary EAS station. You may be told to take different actions if emergency conditions change.

Note: Do not use the phone unless absolutely necessary. Leave the lines open for official use.


If you hear a steady siren - three to five minutes - please tune to the primary Emergency Alert System radio station at once for emergency instructions: 97.5 FM


An unintentional siren sounding could occur due to a siren malfunction or other problem. If a siren sounds, residents should tune to the EAS station. If the sirens were sounded unintentionally, you would be notified via a regular news broadcast. EAS tones and messages would only be used in the event of an actual emergency.


In addition to the three-to-five minute steady tone that would sound for an emergency at Seabrook Station, other siren tones may be used by your local emergency officials. These other siren tones may be sounded during local emergencies and/or testing.

Nuclear Power Plants

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