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Hazard Mitigation
Hazard Mitigation Grants Program

Pembroke flood damage
Flooding damage to a
road in Pembroke

Provides funds to States, Territories, Indian, Tribal Governments, local governments, and eligible private non-profits following a Presidential major disaster declaration. The Hazardous Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) differs from the other Hazard Mitigation Assistance programs because it is awarded following a declared disaster where as the other programs are awarded on an annual basis. The key purpose of HMGP is to ensure that the opportunity to take critical mitigation measures to reduce the risk of loss of life and property from future disasters is not wasted during the reconstruction process following a disaster.

  • Cost Share: 75% Federal Funds/25% State or Local Funds
  • HMGP Brochure

Recent Projects

Allenstown: The Town of Allenstown was able to acquire and remove homes in a flood prone area utilizing HMGP funds ending the cycle of disaster and recovery. The pictures below illustrate the extent of damages that can occur from flooding. They also show how the public benefits from mitigation actions. Allenstown utilizing HMGP funds was able to assist its citizens in preventing the cycle of continual flood damage and subsequent recovery actions.

Suncook River flooding, Allenstown
Flooding along the Suncook River
in Allenstown
Suncook River flooding, Allenstown
2007 flooding in Allenstown

Pembroke: The May 2006 Storm caused extensive damages to roads and culverts. The culvert below washed out during this event. The Town of Pembroke utilizing HMGP funds was able to upgrade the previous culvert to one that could handle a far greater storm surge. This ensured that future damages would be severely lessened or prevented.

Pre-flood culvert
A culvert before flooding
occurred and caused
overtopping fo the road
Replacement culvert
The replacement culvert built to
handle increased storm flow
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