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Bureau of Training and Certification
State Entrance Testing
Frequently Asked Questions

For specific 2014 Frequently Asked Questions, please review the Application Packet, or click here for the pages that are applicable.
  • Why do I have to go through these three processes to be a firefighter?
    The NH Fire Commission has enacted Administrative Rules for Fire Departments to go by to hire firefighters in the State. The Fire Academy administers three of the requirements which comprises the entrance test i.e. written test, aerial climb, and CPAT.
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  • How is a written exam chosen?
    The written exam is (a validated exam) chosen from an assortment of testing companies, an entrance test comes in many forms and you should read carefully what to look for in a particular entrance test.
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  • Do I need to take the entrance exam every year, since the Commission has ruled that it is good for 26 months?
    Although the Commission has ruled that entrance test is good for 26 months, several Departments will only consider candidates who have been through the C.P.A.T portion within the past 12 months. This may include written and aerial climb portions of testing for some departments also.
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  • What are some of the changes to this year’s testing procedure?
    We do not incorporate the Aerial Climb into our CPAT.
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  • Can I take the written exam again if I passed last year’s written?
    You can take the written exam again, which would project your written expiration date to 26 months instead of 14 months. Since departments do not receive your grades (just Pass/Fail), there is no upgrading to your score results.
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  • What if I fail this year’s written test?
    1. If you passed last year’s written test, but fail this years written test, you will still go onto the C.P.A.T portion. If you pass the C.P.A.T portion you will be put onto the Passing/Eligibility List that goes to all departments who subscribe to testing, your expiration date of eligibility will be only 14 months unless another written test is given to extend you to the written testing portion.
    2. If you did not take or failed last year’s written, fail or do not take this year’s written, you will still be allowed to go onto the C.P.A.T testing process. However, if you pass the C.P.A.T portion, you will not be placed on the Eligibility List that goes to departments, because you have not met all three state sponsored requirements.
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  • The written test has a Test Preparation Manual (T.P.M), is it mandatory to have this, and if so why doesn’t the Academy just include it in the application fee?
    1. The Fire Academy cannot mandate the purchase of this manual mandatory. We can explain to you that 70% of all questions come directly from this manual and that your reading comprehension and information to assess your retention of materials will be based on information within this manual.
    2. The NH Fire Commission sets the application fee at $100.00. The Fire Academy is not able to add or subtract from that fee base. Therefore the cost of the T.P.M. has to be an added fee separate from the application fee. This year's manual is the 11th edition. 
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  • What if I take one or all of the entrance test requirements, but not through the Fire Academy testing, can I go onto the State List?
    The State List comes from only State run and sponsored testing. Fire Departments can accept other testing results that meet the Fire Commission Code of Administrative Rules, but that is a Local Fire Department decision. Several Fire Departments find it more convenient and easier to verify candidates on the State List, then to compile and follow up candidate’s separate information.
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