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US Department of Homeland Security Training

The State of New Hampshire has designated the Department of Safety, Division of Fire Standards and Training and Emergency Medical Services as the coordination point-of-contact for all US Department of Homeland Security Training. The POC for this training at the Academy is Captain Bob Pragoff and he can be reached at (603) 223-4200, x31023.

The Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP) has developed partnerships with the:

Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, Alabama
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Louisiana State University
Texas A&M University
Department of Energy’s Nevada Test Site

to form The National Domestic Preparedness Consortium.

The National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC) is the principal vehicle through which ODP identifies, develops, tests and delivers training to state and local emergency responders. Specialized courses are available at these sites and in the field to responders of various disciplines. Please consult the appropriate Web site for schedules and application information for the out-of-state courses.

Effective January 1, 2011:

To apply for a seat in any of the out-of-state courses, please submit the following via fax (603) 271-1091:

  1. Course application and any appropriate forms;
  2. A letter from your supervisor or department head indicating that the training requested is pertinent to your regular position within your organization;
  3. A letter attesting to the fact that you have not taken the same or similar course within the previous 36 months (3 years).

Participation in Train-the-Trainer courses will only be approved for current State of NH Instructors. Attendance at a Train-the-Trainer course does not automatically authorize the attendee to teach in New Hampshire.

Be advised that many of the courses require a minimum of 60 to 90 days prior registration time, many have mandatory prerequisites and/or qualifications, and all applications must be coordinated through the NH training point of contact (POC).

Office for Domestic Preparedness WMD Training Catalog Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Courses listed in this catalog are delivered at the request of the community at your location and at your convenience (please be aware that some courses may not be currently offered but still remain in the catalog). Communities wanting to request a course(s) must contact the NH training POC with the following information:

  1. Course name
  2. List of three dates (not consecutive - flexibility is key!)
  3. Point of contact w/phone and e-mail - for coordination & logistics

Since the NHFA is the designated facility in the State to coordinate all US DHS courses, we will make contact with the ODP Centralized Scheduling and Information Desk with the information provided and will contact the community once the training provider has confirmed a date for delivery.

It is the responsibility of the requesting community to provide all the logistical assistance to the training provider in order for the course(s) to be presented in the community.

Independent Study Courses:

The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Independent Study Program currently consists of twenty-nine self-paced courses. The number of offerings is subject to change.

A listing of Independent Study Courses provided by FEMA may be found at:

These courses can be taken online at the student’s convenience. A listing of successful students of these courses is sent the Academy quarterly by FEMA.

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