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Bureau of Emergency Medical Services

On behalf of the State of New Hampshire, Division of Fire Standards and Training and Emergency Medical Services, welcome to the New Hampshire EMS Information Bulletins. This information forum has been designed and developed as a convenient way to relay important information to the EMS community.

The bulletins listed at this site will be brief informative matters pertaining to protocols or operational issues from the NH Medical Control Board, Coordinating Board and/or Division of Fire Standards and Training and Emergency Medical Services’ Bureau of EMS.

All documents have been saved in Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol format.

Date Subject
02/18/2016 Medical Device Safety Recall: Drager Emergency Transport VentilatorAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
02/05/2016 Chemically Restraining Pediatric PatientsAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
02/05/2016 Hypoglycemia D10 dose changeAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
10/27/2015 Naloxone Par LevelsAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
10/19/2015 Requirements for EZ - IO needlesAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
09/15/2015 2015 Protocol CorrectionsAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
07/30/2015 Ambulance Security-Theft of NarcoticsAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
07/21/2015 Counterfeit CAT TourniquetAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
02/17/2015 Spinal Motion Restriction and Positioning Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
01/16/2015 Naloxone Dose ChangeAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
10/17/2014 Narcan DosingAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
10/17/2014 Non-Emergent Transport of Vented PatientsAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
08/15/2014 Synthetic Drug Smacked / SpiceAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
01/31/2014 Normal Saline ShortageAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
04/09/2013 Auvi-Q Epinephrine Auto InjectorAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
02/04/2013 Dextrose 50% Shortage BulletinAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
07/30/2012 Diltiazem Maximum Dosing and Management of Excited DeliriumAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
02/23/2012 Prehospital Medication ExchangeAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
01/25/2012 Antiemetic ShortagesAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
06/08/2011 Interfacility Transports, LVADs & Head Injury CareAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

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