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The Office of the State Fire Marshal is responsible for investigating all fires, building collapses, and carbon monoxide releases, other than from automobiles, which cause death. In addition, the Office of the State Fire Marshal is required to assist any fire chief requesting assistance. The Office of the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal will respond to requests from law enforcement agencies and from local government boards

The Office of the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal includes eight fire investigators. Investigators are sworn police officers authorized to interview witnesses, collect evidence, make arrests, and appear in court as expert witnesses.

In addition, the Office includes an accelerant detecting canine. Canines can detect minute traces of accelerants used in fires and can lead investigators to a specific location where physical samples can be taken for forensic laboratory analysis.

To request an investigator or K-9 team,
call the New Hampshire State Police at (603) 271-3636
24 hours a day, seven days a week

The community Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Programs collect and report juvenile fire setter data to the Office of the State Fire Marshal, who reports the same to NASFM, which maintains a national database. The goal is to develop community-based programs, as well as a reliable national database for juvenile fire setting information.

Chief Rodenhiser
Bureau Commander
Keith Rodenhiser

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The Office of the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal also maintains an Arson Hotline. This hotline is for citizens to report information which may be helpful in the resolution of suspected arson cases. All contacts to the Arson Hotline are strictly confidential.

The Arson Hotline Number is:
(800) 400-3526

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