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The Modular Building Program was created in 1993 and has been in effect since July 1, 1993. The program was established in conjunction with various modular building manufacturers, third party inspection agencies, local and state code enforcement officials. The goal of the program is to assure modular construction is built in accordance with the codes and standards adopted at the state level. Compliance with the program is witnessed by the application of New Hampshire modular labels on each unit.

Modular manufacturers are approved by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. The manufacturer must also have an approved third party inspection agency. The third party inspection agency has architects and engineers on staff to review and approve construction plans, as well as inspectors who perform in process inspections of each unit. The State Fire Marshal’s Office audits the third party inspection agencies and manufacturers on an on-going basis in an attempt to assure product quality and code compliance.

These procedures are in place to take the inspection burden from the local officials and end users. The presence of New Hampshire modular building labels on the units certify the units meet the codes and standards adopted at the state level.

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February 6, 2014
Modular Relocation Advice

The NH Modular laws and rules require that manufacturers of modular structures specify the exact location and elevation of each modular structure that is built in and/or transported into New Hampshire. This assures that the proper structural design criteria was used in the construction process. Thus, any structure that is relocated within or into New Hampshire from its original location must go through a relabeling process. The re-labeling process requires that an inspector from the NH State Fire Marshal's Office come to the site to conduct an inspection of the unit(s). This inspection insures that the unit to be relocated conforms to all of the requirements of the new municipality and any newly adopted codes and/or regulations.

For example, a modular structure originally designed for and located in Dunbarton which is moved to Bethlehem will need a close review. First the ground snow load in Dunbarton is 75 pounds per square foot at 800 feet of elevation. The ground snow load in Bethleham is 105 pounds per square foot at 1800 feet of elevation. So you can see that the roof design load will not match. Further, there may have been a code update that occurred since the structure was first placed in Dunbarton causing the structure to have updates done to it to bring it up to the current code. Lastly, The town of Bethlehem may have a local ordinance that is not required in Dunbarton. The structure would have to be brought up to the latest adopted state codes and also any local codes and ordinances. You can find a copy of the relocation request form on our Documents and Forms page.

Please call this office to discuss the specifics related to your modular building prior to submitting your relocation request form at 603-223-4289. Click here for the Modular Relocation Form. Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

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