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A Utility Dealer License is for any person in the business of selling or exchanging travel or camp trailers, utility trailers, boat trailers, semi-trailers, tractors, farm equipment, construction equipment, modular buildings and manufactured housing, with an established place of business within this state.

Selling under 3,001 lbs.


  1. Original completed Application for Utility Dealer Registration Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol.
  2. Lease - Copy in the name of the owner/business.

Location Requirements:

  1. Established place of business.
  2. Regular business hours, 37½ per week between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
  3. Signage must be visible from a public way with 10 inch letters.
  4. The dealer desk sends a municipal letter to the town/city for their written recommendation approval.


  1. Plate privileges.
  2. Only on non-motorized vehicles.
  3. Chassis with specialized equipment that are being retrofitted and sold.
  4. Can sell retail, wholesale or exchange vehicles.
  5. No personal use is permitted.

Selling over 3,000 lbs.


  1. Same as above.
  2. Original service agreement between a New Hampshire Inspection station.
  3. Original Criminal record for each owner for New Hampshire and state of residency.
  4. Surety bond of $25,000, in the legal business name and legal business address.

Location Requirements:

  1. Same as above.
  2. A permanent physical structure that has at least 750 sq. ft. or is primarily dedicated to the business of selling vehicles.
  3. Only dirt floors are allowed for heavy equipment of farm equipment.
  4. Upon approval, prior to issuance of plates, dealers must takea dealer/title review class of state laws and rules.


  1. Same as above.

New Hampshire Laws pertaining to Utility Dealers:

  1. RSA 259:29-a
  2. RSA 259:121
  3. RSA 261:119

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