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Road Toll Bureau

It is the mission of the Road Toll Bureau to collect motor fuel taxes in the most cost effective manner and achieve the highest level of voluntary compliance with the State of New Hampshire's Motor Vehicle Road Toll Law, primarily through education, audit and enforcement initiatives.

Road Toll Operations Overview

Road Toll Operations is statutorily responsible for collecting motor fuel tolls (tax) through its Road Toll Bureau, and enforcing toll compliance with the Motor Vehicle Road Toll Law through its Field Audit Bureau. The Field Audit Bureau is responsible for auditing:

  • Motor Fuel Distributor licensees, IFTA licensees, and Motor Fuel & Petroleum Products Transporter licensees for the Road Toll Bureau;
  • International Registration Plan registrants for the Department of Safety's Division of Motor Vehicles; and
  • Oil Discharge and Pollution Control licensees for the Department of Environmental Services.

Road Toll Operations is also responsible for New Hampshire related administration of the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). IFTA, a multi-jurisdictional agreement, establishes and maintains the concept of one fuel use license, and administering base jurisdiction, for each licensee.

Important Notice Concerning Sale and Use of Alternative Fuels

On January 1, 2015, Chapter 268, Laws of 2014, relative to the road toll for alternative fuels, will take effect. This act makes it unlawful for any person to sell or use alternative fuel upon which the road toll imposed and collected under RSA 260 has not been paid, unless the person is a holder of a valid license to engage in business as a dealer of alternative fuels. In order to be in compliance with said act, anyone engaged in this type of business must be licensed prior to January 1, 2015. Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

Concord IRP Office has Moved to Road Toll

In an effort to provide the convenience of "one-stop-shopping", the Concord International Registration Plan (IRP) office moved into the same location as the Road Toll Bureau in Room 106A at 33 Hazen Drive. Road Toll also issues IFTA licenses and Unified Carrier Registrations. This move was effective on Monday, July 14, 2014. IRP registrants already have been notified Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol of this move.

NEW MEMO: 2015 IFTA Credential Grace Period Memo from IFTA, Inc. Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

New Notices: DMV Notification That the Concord International Registration Plan Office Is Moving to Road TollAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol

IFTA Recordkeeping & Filing Tutorial, and Training Events

The Road Toll Bureau provides a helpful IFTA tutorialAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbolthat covers three topics: 1) IFTA recordkeeping, 2) IFTA quarterly fuel use tax report, and 3) IFTA related frequently asked questions. Note: This tutorial is for informational purpose only and does not replace or subjugate the IFTA Articles of Agreement, Procedures Manual, Audit Manual, or any State or Federal Laws and/or Regulations. It is the responsibility of the licensee to keep informed of any and all changes to IFTA and to review governing documents.

Also, the IFTA Audit section periodically offers classes addressing IFTA recordkeeping and quarterly return preparation. The next class will be held on:

Please contact our office for more information.

Road Toll E-Filing

Please be advised that the State of New Hampshire Road Toll Bureau is requiring secure Internet electronic filing (E-File) of reports, schedules, and applications related to the following licensed taxpayers: motor fuel, biodiesel, oil discharge and pollution control, and motor fuel and petroleum products transporter. Listed in the table below are several helpful Tutorials in Adobe PDF format for licensees related to working in the NH Automated Fuel Toll System (NH AFTS). We urge you to read through the tutorials carefully. Should you have any questions, please call our office at (603) 271-2311; we have staff available to help with your questions.

Start here: Web-Based Form: Electronic Data Interface (EDI) and Excel Template Users:
Overview of Becoming Certified in the
NH Automated Fuel Tax System (NH AFTS)
Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Creating Business Entities & Business Accounts in the NH AFTSAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol Uploading/troubleshooting an EDI file in the NH AFTS site. Filing a tax return after an EDI file is successfully extracted Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Sign-up Application & Changing a Temporary Password in the NH AFTSAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Creating Locations in the NH AFTSAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol Using Excel templates to upload tax session transactionsAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Using Password Assistance in the NH AFTSAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Manually Creating & Filing a Tax Return in the NH AFTS Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol  
Completing & Electronically Submitting Account Registration Applications in the NH AFTSAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol    
Accessing a Copy of Your Company’s License Certificate in the NH AFTSAdobe Acrobat Reader Symbol    

Contractors Who Provide EDI Services


This list is not a complete list of vendors who perform Electronic Data Interface (EDI) services, does not constitute an endorsement of those firms on the list, nor is it a statement against any firm not on the list. A responsible party may retain any contractor who can perform the desired service. Individuals hiring a contractor should contact several firms to determine the service that can be provided, the familiarity with the specific process that may be required, availability, workload, as well as, the price range. For best results, contractors with experience with the particular service to be performed, and who are knowledgeable of the governmental requirements, should be considered above others.

Company Name Phone Number Address Line City State Zip
Advanced Digital Data (800) 922-0972 6 Laurel Drive Flanders NJ 07836
Avalara (206) 826-4900 100 Ravine Lane NE, Suite 220 Bainbridge Island WA 98110
CORCENTRIC (877) 790-7272 8300 Greensboro Drive, Suite 950 McLean VA 22102
Creative Energies (603) 249-5555 5 Victoria Ridge Amherst NH 03031-4403
Destwin (877) 337-8946 887 Main Street, Suite D Monroe CT 06468
FACTOR (800) 654-3678 3030 NW Expressway Oklahoma City OK 73112
IDEA (703) 562-4600 2900 Crystal Drive, Suite 500 Arlington VA 22202
Pinnacle Corporation (407) 539-2525 201A East Abram Street Arlington TX 76010
Taurus Systems Inc. (207) 666-3167 PO Box 201 Bowdoinham ME 04008

E-filing Certification Notifications to Taxpayers

Road Toll and Environmental Fees (Per Gallon)

Product Type

Law Reference>>>

Road Toll****

RSA 260:32

Airway Tolls

RSA 422:34


RSA 146-D

Auto Oil

RSA 147-B:12

Motor Oil

RSA 146-F

Fuel Oil

RSA 146-E

Total Toll & Fees
Alternative Fuels* $0.222             $0.22200
Gasoline $0.222   $0.015 $0.00125       $0.23825
Special Fuel - Undyed $0.222   $0.015 $0.00125       $0.23825
Special Fuel - Dyed     $0.015 $0.00125       $0.01625
Biodiesel ** $0.222   $0.015 $0.00125      


Aviation Gas   $0.04 $0.015 $0.00125       $0.05625
Jet Fuel - Part 121   $0.005   $0.00125       $0.00625
Jet Fuel - Private   $0.02   $0.00125       $0.02125
Heating Oils ***       $0.00125     $0.0125 $0.01375
Motor Oils       $0.00125 $0.02 $0.04   $0.06125

* Reference RSA 260:32c and HB1142, effective 1/1/2015.

** B99 up to B100 are not subject to environmental fees; blends below B99 are.

*** Fuel Oil Discharge Fee increased to $0.0125 effective 7/1/2013

****Prior to 7/1/2014, the Road Toll was $0.18.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol Adobe Acrobat Reader format. You can download a free reader from Adobe.

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