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Severe Winter Storms

Though snowstorms are taken in stride in New Hampshire and are a source of income to the state though the ski and snowmobile industries, they can cause severe damage and death. Heavy wet snow has caused widespread power outages and the collapse of buildings. Ice storms also cause power outages and create extremely hazardous conditions for motorists.

The safest thing to do during a severe winter storm is to stay home and enjoy the day off. Schools and many businesses close during heavy snow storms and it is easier for plows to get the roads cleared if traffic doesn't get in the way. But if the power goes out for an extended period people may need to seek shelter outside the home. Local officials will provide information on shelter locations and services if that becomes necessary.

Utility crews begin work on power restoration immediately and most outages last only a few hours. But if the damage to power lines, poles and other equipment is widespread it may take days or weeks to restore service. Anytime there is a power outage associated with a major storm, people should assume it will last more than a couple of days. They should seek warm shelter and take other appropriate measure to protect themselves.

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