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Wildland Fires

Large wildland fires are typically associated with the western states, although they are possible in New Hampshire. Historically, New Hampshire's large wildfires run in 50-year cycles. With some of the state's largest wildfires occurring in the late 1940's many people believe we are overdue for the next bad fire season.

Local fire departments and the state Division of Forests and Lands post fire dangers levels during the fire season. The National Weather Service will post Red Flag Warnings when dry conditions and high winds create extreme forest and brush fire conditions.

The danger of wildland fires is greatest during dry periods and in spring when the land has begun to dry out after winter snow has melted, but new leaves have not grown out to provide shade.

Permits are required in New Hampshire for outdoor burning at anytime that the ground is not covered with snow. Property owners should check withtheir local fire department or forest fire warden about local restrictions or to obtain buring permits.

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