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LeaveLEAVE refers to the need to evacuate because it is dangerous to remain at home and you need to get out. This is not an easy thing to do. Many people are reluctant to evacuate, but when police and firefighters knock on your door and say it's time to leave, don't argue with them. Your life is in immediate danger.

Having an evacuation plan will make the process easier for any household. Instructions about where to go will be provided by local officials. They will establish an assembly point or shelter. But people will need to bring a change of clothing, person hygiene items, prescription medications, and toys and other supplies for infants and young children.

You can build an evacuation kit based on your family's needs starting with the information provided via the links below. Everyone in your family should know what is in the kit and where it is kept.

A family evacuation plan should also include a list of hazards near your home and possible evacuation routes. You should be aware of nearby rivers or steams that could flood or trees near the house that could come down in a windstorm.

Remember that fire is still the most common form of emergency in any household. Your evacuation plan should include routes out of the house and a place to meet at a safe distance from the house. That way everyone can be accounted for. Many fire deaths occur because someone re-enters a burning building to search for a missing person or pet. No one should ever go back inside a burning building.

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