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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReadyNH?

ReadyNH is New Hampshire's emergency preparedness website. It is designed to provide individuals, families and businesses with the information they need to protect themselves during a disaster. Some material, such as checklists for emergency supplies, is applicable all the time and will remain posted. Other information is seasonal and will be changed throughout the year.

The site will also serve as the central location for all information related to active disasters when they are in progress. This might include warnings about specific hazards or information on road closings and shelter locations. During each of the recent disasters, the state created ad hoc Web sites to provide that information. Now that will be provided here.

The site is organized around the central themes of Stay.Leave.Connect, which will help New Hampshire residents plan the most effective response activities.

Who operates ReadyNH?

ReadyNH is operated by the NH Department of Safety. It was developed as a collaborative effort by Community Health Institute, the state departments of Safety, Health and Human Services and Information Technology, and Volunteer NH!, the Governor's Commission on Disabilities, Granite State Independent Living Foundation, NH Public Health Networks and the American Red Cross Granite Chapter, all of which contributed information and ideas for the site.

Why do New Hampshire residents need to be prepared for emergencies?

New Hampshire has many highly trained public safety professionals, such as police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel. But they can't be everywhere and during a major disaster they are likely to be very busy. In the few moments it takes until help arrives, you are the first responder. If you and your family, business or other organization are prepared for an emergency you are more likely to survive and minimize injuries and damage.

Does New Hampshire face any special types of disasters?

New Hampshire can experience any type of disaster that occurs anywhere in the world, with the exception of a volcanic eruption, but some disasters are more likely than others. Since 2005, the state has experienced six series of floods, a tornado, an ice storm and other severe winter storms, and outbreaks of H1N1 influenza. Floods, hurricanes and severe winter storms are the most likely disasters to strike the state.

Why is there a section for children on ReadyNH?

Disasters affect children, of course, but they may have trouble understanding what is happening. The children's section of the Web site provides puzzles, games and information to help young people understand the dangers of disasters, but also what they can do to help protect themselves and their families. It will help make responding to a disaster less frightening.

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