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ConnectCONNECT. People need to remain in contact with family members during disasters. No one will feel secure until all members of the family are accounted for. Families should agree in advance on how to stay in contact and have access to contact information, such as cell phone numbers.

A good way to stay in touch during an emergency is to have someone in another community, or even another state, act as the family contact. If family members are separated when an emergency occurs, everyone will know to call the emergency contact if they can't reach each other directly.

Sometimes during disasters, local phone circuits are disrupted but long distance service is not affected. The distant contact can relay messages to family members.

Connect also means staying in touch with neighbors and members of your community. By checking on an elderly relative down the street or volunteering with a community organization, you will be reinforcing New England's tradition of looking out for each other and helping to build self-reliant communities.

Another aspect of staying connected is paying attention to disaster warnings. The National Weather Service provides watches and warnings for weather-related emergencies. NWS operates a network of VHF radio stations that constantly broadcast local weather information. Real time weather information is also readily available on the Internet and from broadcast news outlets. Other emergency information is provided by the Emergency Alert System, which is carried by all broadcast stations in New Hampshire.

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