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Licensure Requirements

1. Fee for licensure is $300.00, to be submitted with the completed application. PLEASE allow at least 6-8 weeks for completion of licensure process.

2. Proof that applicant has graduated from a college of podiatry or podiatry medicine which is accredited by the American Podiatry Association.

3. Applicant must complete one year of internship/residency training, as approved by the Council on Podiatry Education of the American Podiatry Medical Association.

4. Letters of reference from 2 professionals who can attest to the applicant's moral and professional character.

5. Verification of out of state licenses.

6. Applicant must submit a current curriculum vitae.

7. Applicant shall be required to take and pass the National Boards, Parts I, II and III examinations.

8. All graduates of foreign podiatry schools shall appear for a personal interview before the full Board.

NOTE: The requirements listed above are provided as a courtesy and are not official regulations of the Board. A complete listing of all requirements and regulations.

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