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Pharmacist Score Transfer Information

Score Transfer must be done through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) no later than 90 days after taking the NAPLEX.

1. Go to to read instructions on the Score Transfer process and apply for NAPLEX (with Score Transfer) if not already taken and to register for the NH MPJE Exam.

2. Complete the NH Application For Pharmacist Licensure Adobe Acrobat symbol.
Print out and complete the above application and include documents A through D (noted below) with your application. (See specifics for item E below):

A. Recent (passport-type) photo of yourself;

B. Copy of your birth certificate;

C.A $265 check made payable to the Treasurer - State of New Hampshire.

D. Documentation of Internship hours. Internship hours can be reported on the NH Internship/Preceptor Record Form Adobe Acrobat symbol, or if hours were earned as part of your PharmD curriculum, you may have your college of pharmacy complete the Certificate of Pharmacy Education Adobe Acrobat symbol, or alternatively, you may request another State Board of Pharmacy to transfer your hours directly to the NH Board of Pharmacy.

E. An official, finalized transcript sent directly from your college of pharmacy to the NH Board is required prior to taking NAPLEX (or for foreign schooled pharmacists - a copy of your FPGEC Certificate, which will be verified with NABP). Contact your college to make arrangements.

3. Once the completed application is received in the Board office, the applicant must complete the licensing procedure within 1-year of the date the Board receives your application.

4. Your NH pharmacist license will not be issued until:

(a) the NH application is complete;

(b) all fees have been paid;

(c) a finalized transcript has been received (mailed directly to the Board) from your college of pharmacy (or for foreign schooled pharmacists - a copy of your FPGEC Certificate has been received);

(d) the NH jurisprudence exam (MPJE) is passed; Study materials can be found here.

(e) a copy of your birth certificate is received; and

(f) Documentation of completion of 1,500 hours of internship hours has been received (as noted in item 2, D above).

If you have any questions regarding the Score Transfer Process for New Hampshire, please e-mail us at [email protected].

Note: No refund of fees shall be granted if you decide to withdraw your application for licensure in New Hampshire.

Do not call the board office for your exam results.  Due to confidentiality issues - we are not allowed to disclose scores or pass/fail status over the phone.   The results of exams can be looked up online by your ATT # (Authorization To Test #) and your NABP Candidate #.  These numbers will be provided to you by NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) once you apply for the exam.  The Board usually receive scores from the testing center 2 to 3 business days after the exam is taken and posts them immediately upon receipt. 

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