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Pharmacist Information

Pharmacist Internship Information

Prior to the [NAPLEX] examination date, the candidate shall have completed an internship in pharmacy which:

(1) Consists of at least 1500 hours, starting no earlier than 4 months prior to the third year of study in a college of pharmacy (or for foreign pharmacy graduates - internship may begin when you receive your EE# from NABP [issued once FPGEC application is processed] ; and

(2) Consists of work predominantly related to the practice of pharmacy including, but not limited to:

a. The selling of drugs and medical supplies;
b. Interpreting, compounding, preparing and dispensing
prescription orders;
c. Preparing pharmaceutical products; and
d. Keeping records and preparing reports required by federal
and state statutes.

(3) File proof satisfactory to the board, substantiated by proper affidavits, of a minimum of one year (1,500 hours) internship activity in a community or institutional pharmacy in the United States or an equivalent program which has been approved by the board of pharmacy; and shall pass the national examination given by the pharmacy board to establish his or her fitness to practice the profession of pharmacy. The internship required in this section shall be service and experience in a community or institutional pharmacy under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist and shall be predominantly related to the selling of drugs and medical supplies; interpreting, compounding, preparing and dispensing of prescriptions; preparing of pharmaceutical products; keeping records and making reports required under federal and state statutes; and otherwise practicing pharmacy under the immediate supervision and direction of a licensed pharmacist.

Download Internship log forms Adobe Acrobat symbolfor applicants for NH pharmacist licensure. Registration/licensure of pharmacy interns is not required in New Hampshire.


Adobe Acrobat symbolAdobe Acrobat Reader format. You can download a free reader from Adobe.

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