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New Hampshire PharmAssist Foundation


New Hampshire
PharmAssist Foundation

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Peer Assistance Program for Pharmacists

P.O. Box 1532
Manchester, NH 03105

Helpline: 1-800-333-5362

The Program
The purpose of the New Hampshire PharmAssist Foundation is to identify and evaluate the nature and severity of the chemical dependency and/or emotional problem, develop a treatment plan contract, monitor participation and provide encouragement and support. In the quickest, most confidential and least stressful manner possible, the individual receives the proper help to face the problem, deal with it and, if possible, return to the profession as a contributing member.

An Alternative to Disciplinary Action
The impaired pharmacist's acceptance and successful participation in the Foundation are alternative to the possibility of losing the license to practice through the disciplinary process. The program is designed to assist the individual with his or her recovery while protecting the public. As soon as the recovering pharmacist and the treatment program determine that he or she is able to resume an active practice, the pharmacist may petition the New Hampshire PharmAssist Foundation to have the license reinstated. The reinstatement will be accomplished as quickly as possible.

A Confidential Service for Voluntary Participation
This innovative program accepts referrals on a voluntary basis. Any licensed pharmacist in the state of New Hampshire who is experiencing an alcohol, drug or emotional problem can voluntarily seek assistance by contacting a 24 hour telephone number. All voluntary requests for information and assistance are strictly confidential. Arrangements will be made for the individual to meet with a licensed professional who will make a confidential evaluation and develop a treatment plan. Pharmacists who use the program are assured that their problem and its nature will remain strictly confidential.
Family, friends, employers, and professional colleagues are also encouraged to contact the program for information and assistance.

How to Obtain These Services
If you personally have a problem, or you live or work with a pharmacist who does, write the New Hampshire PharmAssist Foundation, P.O. Box 1532, Manchester, NH 03105-1532, or call toll-free at 1-800-333-5362. All inquiries are treated confidentially.

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