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Pharmacy Technician Rules/Regulations


Statutory Authority: RSA 318:5-a, X, XI


Ph 801.01 Purpose and Scope. The provisions of this chapter shall apply to, and impose duties upon, all pharmacy technicians holding registrations issued by the board.


Ph 802.01 Definitions. Except where the context makes another meaning manifest, the following definitions shall apply:

(a) “Registered pharmacy technician” means a person employed by a pharmacy who may assist in performing, under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, manipulative, nondiscretionary functions associated with the practice of pharmacy and other such duties and subject to such restrictions as the board has specified.


Ph 803.01 Application.

(a) No person shall perform the functions or duties of a pharmacy technician unless such person is registered by the board.

(b) Application form PT-1 for registration of pharmacy technicians in New Hampshire may be obtained from and shall be filed at the office of the board, identified in Ph 103.03.

(c) An applicant for registration as a registered pharmacy technician shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Be at least 18 years of age or have a high school or equivalent diploma, or be working to achieve a high school or equivalent diploma;

(2) Be of good moral character;

(3) Shall not have been convicted of a drug-related felony or admitted to sufficient facts to warrant such findings; and

(4) Shall have training or experience as determined by the pharmacist-in-charge.

(d) Applicants for registration shall submit an application form PT-1 for registration to the board that contains the following:

(1) Name, residence address, home telephone number and social security number of the applicant;

(2) Date and place of birth of the applicant;

(3) Name of current employer and address of employment site;

(4) Record of convictions of violations of federal, state or local drug or pharmacy related laws or regulations;

(5) Any felony convictions;

(6) Applicant's signature and date; and

(7) The prescribed fee which shall be $25.


Ph 804.01 Reporting Changes.

(a) The person to whom a pharmacy technician registration has been issued shall, within 15 days of change of address or location of employment, notify the board of such changes.

(b) The notice shall contain:

(1) Name of registrant;

(2) Address of the registrant including old and new, if applicable;

(3) Registrant’s registration number; and

(4) Name of the pharmacy where employed including former and current, if applicable.


Ph 805.01 Effect of Revocation and Denial.

(a) The board shall refuse to issue a registration or, after notice and hearing, shall revoke a registration whenever the board finds by the preponderance of the evidence any of the following:

(1) That the applicant does not possess good moral character;

(2) That the applicant, or registrant, has willfully violated any of the provisions of RSA 318; RSA 318-B and/or the board’s Code of Administrative Rules;

(3) That the applicant has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor resulting from a violation of any federal, state, or local drug or pharmacy-related law, rule or regulation;

(4) That the applicant has attempted to obtain a pharmacy technician registration by fraudulent means;

(5) That the applicant is unable to engage in the performance of pharmacy technician functions with reasonable skill and safety by reason of illness, inebriation, misuse of drugs, narcotics, alcohol, chemicals or any other substance, or as a result of any mental or physical condition;

(6) The suspension, revocation, or probation by another state of the applicant’s license, permit, or registration to practice as a pharmacy technician;

(7) That the applicant refused to appear before the board after having been ordered to do so in writing; or

(8) That the applicant made any fraudulent or untrue statement to the board.

(b) The pharmacist-in-charge shall notify the board, in writing, within 7 calendar days after becoming aware that a pharmacy technician has adulterated, abused, stolen or diverted drugs.


Ph 806.01 Renewal Registrations Required. All pharmacy technician registrations shall expire annually on March 31.

Ph 806.02 Renewal Application Where Obtained and Filed. Applications for the renewal of a registration for a pharmacy technician may be obtained from, and shall be filed at the office of the board, identified in Ph 103.03.

Ph 806.03 Renewal Application Contents and When Filed. Renewal applications shall be filed with the board in accordance with the following:

(a) Applications for renewal of a registration of a pharmacy technician shall be made on Pharmacy Technician Renewal Form PT-2.

(b) Each applicant shall provide the following on Form PT-2 regarding himself/herself:

(1) Name, residence address, home telephone number;

(2) Original registration number;

(3) Social security number and date of birth;

(4) Name of current employer and address of employment site;

(5) Record of convictions of violations of federal, state or local drug or pharmacy related laws or regulations; and

(6) Applicant’s signature and date.

(c) The application and the prescribed fee of $25 shall be filed with the board no later than March 31.


Ph 807.01 Responsibilities and Duties. Persons subject to these rules shall comply with the following:

(a) It shall be the responsibility of the pharmacist-in-charge to identify pharmacy technicians and to assure that such persons are registered with the board as pharmacy technicians within 30 days of employment.

(b) All pharmacy technicians shall wear a name tag, identifying them as a “Pharmacy Technician”, while on duty.

(c) The pharmacist on duty shall determine the duties of the pharmacy technician based upon the needs of the pharmacy. Pharmacy technicians shall be limited to performing tasks in the preparation of legend drugs and devices and to provide nonjudgmental technical support services, as defined in Ph 807.01.

(d) Pharmacy technicians shall not:

(1) Accept an original telephone order for a prescription;

(2) Accept a refill authorization communicated by telephone directly from a practitioner’s office;

(3) Evaluate patient profiles relative to prospective drug review according to Ph 706.02;

(4) Communicate, orally or in writing, any medical, therapeutic, clinical, or drug information, or any information recorded on a patient profile that requires professional judgment or otherwise perform patient counseling as required in Ph 706.

(e) The pharmacist shall verify and confirm the correctness, exactness, accuracy and completeness of the acts, tasks, and functions undertaken by the pharmacy technician who assists the pharmacist in the practice of pharmacy.

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