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Frequently Asked Questions

Does our Board require licensure for over the counter distributors?

No, the Board only licenses Distributors of Prescription Drugs/Devices.

How do I file a complaint against a NH pharmacy, pharmacist, pharmacy technician or other Board licensee/registrant?

Please see our Consumer Complaint Process.

Why doesn't my NH pharmacist license show the "PharmD" designation after my name, only R.Ph"?

As the NH Board of Pharmacy allows the licensure of pharmacists who have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy (license transfer applicants / pharmacists who earned their degree at a ACPE accredited college of pharmacy prior to when the PharmD program became the standard in the U.S. in the early 2000's); as well as those who have earned the new ACPE standard - Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.), the Board does not list this educational designation on its licenses. The "R.Ph." designation simply means the pharmacist is a Registered Pharmacist with the State Board of Pharmacy.

When do NH Board of Pharmacy licensees/registrations expire?

New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy licenses/registrations expire on the following dates:

License/Registration Type Expires Annually On (Month/Day)
Pharmacy Technician Registrations March 31
Prescription Drug Manufacturer / Wholesaler / Distributor / Broker Licenses June 30
Limited Retail Drug Distributor Licenses(Medical Gas/Device Distributers, NH In-State Public Health Clinics and Methadone Clinics) June 30
Pharmacy Intern Registrations September 30
Pharmacy (NH In-State) Licenses December 31
Non-Resident / Mail Order Pharmacy Registrations December 31
Pharmacist Licenses December 31

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