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Mission Statement

The mission of the Board of Registration in Optometry is to ensure that only fully qualified optometrists are permitted to provide optometric services to the citizens of New Hampshire.

The Board issues licenses only after a thorough credential review and examination and monitors the continuing competence of licensees through required continuing education.

The Board also provides oversight of optometric practices of licensees, taking disciplinary action when necessary to ensure that ethical and other professional standards are maintained.



The Board of Optometry ("Board") has a public member vacancy.

The Board, pursuant to RSA 327:2, I, is looking for one public member to serve on the Board.

The function of the Board is to:
(a) Evaluate persons who apply for the authority to practice optometry in New Hampshire and license those
who are found qualified under the standards of RSA 327.
(b) Investigate and evaluate existing licensees and commence disciplinary action
concerning licensees in accordance with the standards of RSA 327.
(c) Establish fees for licenses and for renewal of licenses to practice optometry,
including late fees, and fees for transcribing and transferring
records and other services.

The Board meets approximately every six weeks, usually on a Friday morning beginning at 9:00 A.M., and consists of 5 members; 4 optometrists and one public member. Pursuant to RSA 329:2, III, the public member shall be a person who is not, and never was, a member of the optometric profession or the spouse of any such person, and who does not have, and never has had, a material financial interest in either the provision of optometric services or an activity directly related to optometry, including the representation of the board or profession for a fee at any time during the 5 years preceding appointment.

If you are interested in the position, please write directly to the Governor's Office including a curriculum vitae. If you have questions regarding this position, please contact Penny Taylor, Board Administrator, at (603) 271-1205, or email her at

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