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Out of State Dispensers
Contact Lens Dispensers Requirements for Registration in New Hampshire
No person shall conduct or operate a business outside of the state for the sale at retail of contact lenses to individuals within the state unless such business is registered with a permit issued by the board of pharmacy if the out-of-state business is a pharmacy, or by the board of registration in optometry if the out-of-state business is not a pharmacy.

1. Fee for registration is $300.00, to be submitted with the completed application.

2. Proof that the out-of-state business is in compliance with all applicable laws and rules in the state in which the business is located.

3. Must disclose operating locations and the names and titles of all principal corporate officers.

4. Proof that the out-of-state business complies with all lawful directions and requests for information from the board of pharmacy and the board of registration in optometry of all states in which it conducts business.

5. Business must agree in writing to comply with all New Hampshire laws and rules relating to the sale or dispensing of contact lenses.

Application for Out of State Contact Lens Dispenser Adobe Acrobat format

NOTE: The requirements listed above are provided as a courtesy and are not official regulations of the Board. A complete listing of all requirements and regulations.

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