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  • Big Box Tool Kit - Where To Start: How To Stop A Big Box
    by Stacy Mitchell, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, December 23, 2011
  • Examples of local regulations (check with each community for the most current regulation)
    • Conway limits commercial buildings to 5,000 SF within its Special Highway Corridor Overlay District ( Building Size)
    • Hollis limits commercial building size to 12,000 SF in its "downtown" Agricultural and Business District
    • Hopkinton approved a limitation of 40,000 SF in its Industrial Zone, and 20,000 sf in the Village Industrial Zone in 2005.
    • Londonderry's Performance Overlay District limits the size of large scale commercial development in section Commercial Building Size Standards
    • Stratham has a limit of 80,000 SF in their General Commercial and Commercial/Light Industrial Office districts in Article IV, Section 4.2 Table of Dimensional Requirements in the zoning ordinance
    • Walpole has a limit of 40,000 SF in their Commercial District in Article VI of the zoning ordinance
    • Warner has a maximum gross floor area for Retail and Service buildings of 40,000 s.f. in Article XI Commercial District of the zoning ordinance
    • Windham has a commercial building size limit of 10,000 square feet in their Village Center Zoning District
  • Meeting the Big Box Challenge - Planning Design, and Regulatory Strategies, Planner's Advisory Service Report #537, APA Planners Book Service

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  • Understanding Spot Zoning by Robert C. Widner, Esq., Planning Commissioners Journal, Issue 13, Winter 1994
  • Definitions from A Planners Dictionary, PAS 521/522, Planners Advisory Service, APA
    • Spot Zoning
    • Floating Zone
  • §2.12 Spot Zoning from New Hampshire Practice, Vol. 15, Land Use Planning and Zoning, Third Edition, Atty. Peter J. Loughlin

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  • 2015
  • HB1210 - . . . relative to notice of changes to zoning districts and . . .
    Chapter Law 161
    This bill makes a significant change to the notice requirements for hearings on proposed zoning amendments. For the first time, municipalities will be required to notify individual property owners about hearings on zoning amendments, although the new requirements will apply only in limited circumstances.
    Effective Date: July 10, 2014
  • HB1211 (CL 69, Laws of 2010) Special town meetings for zoning amendment purposes in SB2 towns shall not have a deliberative session but shall have only one session for the purposes of voting on the amendments. A town would still have to comply with all the notice and hearing requirements of RSA 675.

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Zoning Variances

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