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Map Modernization/Risk MAP Programs

FEMA's recent two mapping programs to update the nation's floodplain maps.

Map Modernization Program

Since fiscal year 2003, the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) initiated a Flood Map Modernization Program (FMMP). The goal of the national FMMP was to upgrade flood hazard data and mapping to create a more accurate digital product that will improve floodplain management across the country.

Risk MAP Program

With this strong foundation now in place, FEMA continues to deliver the flood hazard identification process through the Risk MAP (Mapping, Assessment and Planning) Strategy. The goal of Risk MAP is to provide a bridge between continuing improvements to flood hazard data and mapping, and the identification and broad understanding of flood and other natural hazards at the local and state level. The Risk MAP effort will strengthen partnerships with local communities as the emphasis is now on seeking innovative ways to identify hazards and weaving this information into the local and regional decision-making processes.

The vision for Risk MAP is to deliver quality data that increases public awareness and leads to action that reduces risk to life and property.

The vision for Risk MAP in New Hampshire is to:

  • Achieve complete, high-quality digital flood hazard coverage for the state, with improved flood hazard data for areas of highest population densities, growth potential, and flood histories;
  • Foster an environment to build state and local capabilities on natural hazards identification, understanding, assessment, and planning;
  • Create a continuously improving program for flood hazard data development and future map maintenance; and
  • Promote professional floodplain management excellence within the state of New Hampshire.

Status of New Hampshire Maps

Completed Map Modernization Program Maps
County Map Effective Date
Carroll March 19, 2013
Cheshire May 23, 2006
Coos February 20, 2013
Grafton February 20, 2013
Hillsborough September 9, 2009
Merrimack April 4, 2010
Rockingham May 17, 2005
Strafford May 17, 2005
Sullivan May 23, 2006
Risk MAP Program Maps Underway
County Preliminary Map & Flood Insurance Study Fact Sheet Final Map
Coastal NH pdf file
(portion of Rockingham and Strafford counties)
Released 04/9/14. View online at FEMA Map Service Center Coastal Project Overview pdf file 2015
Maps to be Completed
County Proposed Preliminary Map Proposed Final Map
Belknap None Proposed None Proposed

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