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As part of the national effort to update the FIRMs, OEP must conduct a compliance review of municipal floodplain ordinances as required by FEMA to ensure consistency between the local ordinances and requirements of the NFIP.

As a result, OEP will make recommendations to some municipalities for amendments to their floodplain ordinances. Affected municipalities will need to adopt these revisions prior to the effective date of the new maps in order to continue participating in the NFIP. Important deadlines for notices and warrants are available from OEP.

Consistent with RSA 675:3 (for cities or for towns with councils, see RSA 675:2), the planning board will need to hold a public hearing on the proposed changes to your ordinance, but it is recommended that all of the changes be combined into a single warrant article for action by the voters at the annual town meeting. The question presented to the voters can be simple and direct, and does not need to include the text of the amendments themselves. The following is a sample question that may be used:

Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. ___ as proposed by the planning board for the town zoning ordinance as follows: amend the floodplain ordinance as necessary to comply with requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program?

The format to use should be similar to above, but does not need to be identical. The purpose of the question is to inform the voters, but with the understanding that the public will have already had an opportunity to participate in the planning board's public hearing, at which time the actual content of the changes would have been discussed.

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