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Summary of the process to appeal new NFIP Maps

The following is a summary of the process to appeal new NFIP Maps. For more detailed information, please view FEMA's Appeals, Revisions, and Amendments to National Flood Insurance Program Maps: A Guide for Community Officials and December 2011 Changes to FEMA's Appeals Process.

  • If applicable, FEMA sends a certified return receipt letter to the chief executive official (CEO) of a community informing the community of new or modified base flood elevations and base flood depths, and the addition or modification of any special flood hazard area boundary or zone designation or regulatory floodway. Information will also be sent about the appeal process.
  • FEMA will publish two notices in the local area newspaper(s) and in the Federal Register.
  • The 90-day appeal period begins on the date of the 2nd publication.
  • An appeal must include scientific or technical data that tend to negate or contradict the proposed findings.
  • Appeals by citizens shall be submitted to the CEO of the community for review and determination if the scientific or technical grounds for an appeal warrants forwarding the appeal to FEMA.
  • Any and all appeals by citizens or the community received within 90 days must be resolved, before the next step.
  • The FEMA Administrator shall resolve such appeals by consultation with local officials, or by administrative hearings, or by submission of the contradictory data to an independent scientific body or appropriate Federal agency.
  • After 90 days and after all appeals are resolved, FEMA will issue a Letter of Final Determination, which issued through a letter to the community and published in the Federal Register.

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