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LCIP Conservation Commission monitoring inspection forms and GPX, KML and TFX boundary files for all municipal LCIP properties.

LCIP Conservation Commission Monitoring Inspection Forms

Below are the monitoring forms for your respective towns. Each file is a Microsoft Word document that is the Monitoring Form for your town. For towns with more than one parcel you will find that the single document contains separate pages for each parcel.

Once you have downloaded your Monitoring Form(s) to your computer you may work on them like any other WORD document. For towns with more than one LCIP parcel, you are welcome to divide the single document into its respective parcels creating one document per parcel. We recommend you save any documents you send us in a separate electronic folder so they can be retrieved at any time. Once you have filled in your report(s), simply attach them to an email.

Please contact us if you are having difficulty with any aspect of the electronic filing process.

Municipal LCIP Property Boundaries

By clicking on the links below, you can access GPX, KML and TFX boundary files for all municipal LCIP properties. These files can be downloaded from this website and opened or imported into your own GPS software. Once a track is opened in your GPS software program, you should be able to export it to your GPS unit to use in the field so you know where you are in relationship to a property's boundary. Some software will also connect you directly to Google Earth and a printed track can be applied to aerial photos. You can print copies of the property bound, and any gathered tracks, on your GPS software or a site such as Google Earth and attach the printout to a conservation land monitoring report as an example of how this can be used.

Cautionary Notes

  • Boundaries are not survey quality and are for reference only
  • Not all browsers treat these files the same, so no single set of instructions work
  • Not all GPS software works the same, so no single set of instructions work
  • Each town file will contain the boundary tracks for all LCIP parcels in that town
  • These boundary tracks are for LCIP properties, not LCHIP properties
  • If one type of file does not work, try the other


  • For each municipality, right click on the type of file you want, GPX, KML or TXF
  • Click on "Save link as" or "Save target as"
  • Save the file where you can find it on your computer
  • Open your GPS software and "Open" or "Import" the saved boundary track file
  • Once the track is in your software program, you can access edit features

These files can also be sent to you via email upon request if you are not able to download them from this website.

Monitoring Form
Acworth Word file
Alstead Word file
Alton Word file
Amherst Word file
Andover Word file
Atkinson Word file
Barnstead Word file
Barrington Word file
Bath Word file
Bedford Word file
Boscawen Word file
Brentwood Word file
Canaan Word file
Canterbury Word file
Carroll Word file
Charlestown Word file
Chichester Word file
Concord Word file
Cornish Word file
Deerfield Word file
Deering Word file
Derry Word file
Dover Word file
Dublin Word file
Dunbarton Word file
Epsom Word file
Exeter Word file
Francestown Word file
Gilford Word file
Grantham Word file
Greenland Word file
Hampstead Word file
Hancock Word file
Hanover Word file
Holderness Word file
Hollis Word file
Hopkinton Word file
Hudson Word file
Jefferson Word file
Keene Word file
Kingston Word file
Lancaster Word file
Landaff Word file
Lebanon Word file
Lee Word file
Londonderry Word file
Loudon Word file
Lyme Word file
Madbury Word file
Manchester Word file
Marlborough Word file
Mason Word file
Meredith Word file
Merrimack Word file
Milford Word file
New Boston Word file
New London Word file
Newport Word file
Pembroke Word file
Peterborough Word file
Plainfield Word file
Plymouth Word file
Portsmouth Word file
Rye Word file
Sanbornton Word file
Sandwich Word file
South Hampton Word file
Stratham Word file
Sunapee Word file
Swanzey Word file
Tamworth Word file
Temple Word file
Tuftonboro Word file
Walpole Word file
Weare Word file
Webster Word file
Windham Word file
Wolfeboro Word file
Acworth GPX
Alstead GPX
Alton GPX
Amherst GPX
Andover GPX
Atkinson GPX
Barnstead GPX
Barrington GPX
Bath GPX
Bedford GPX
Boscawen GPX
Brentwood GPX
Canaan GPX
Canterbury GPX
Carroll GPX
Charlestown GPX
Chichester GPX
Concord GPX
Cornish GPX
Deerfield GPX
Deering GPX
Derry GPX
Dover GPX
Dublin GPX
Dunbarton GPX
Epsom GPX
Exeter GPX
Francestown GPX
Gilford GPX
Grantham GPX
Greenland GPX
Hampstead GPX
Hancock GPX
Hanover GPX
Holderness GPX
Hollis GPX
Hopkinton GPX
Hudson GPX
Jefferson GPX
Keene GPX
Kingston GPX
Lancaster GPX
Landaff GPX
Lebanon GPX
Londonderry GPX
Loudon GPX
Lyme GPX
Madbury GPX
Manchester GPX
Marlborough GPX
Mason GPX
Meredith GPX
Merrimack GPX
Milford GPX
New Boston GPX
New London GPX
Newport GPX
Pembroke GPX
Peterborough GPX
Plainfield GPX
Plymouth GPX
Portsmouth GPX
Sanbornton GPX
Sandwich GPX
South Hampton GPX
Stratham GPX
Sunapee GPX
Swanzey GPX
Tamworth GPX
Temple GPX
Tuftonboro GPX
Walpole GPX
Weare GPX
Webster GPX
Windham GPX
Wolfeboro GPX
Acworth KML
Alstead KML
Alton KML
Amherst KML
Andover KML
Atkinson KML
Barnstead KML
Barrington KML
Bath KML
Bedford KML
Boscawen KML
Brentwood KML
Canaan KML
Canterbury KML
Carroll KML
Charlestown KML
Chichester KML
Concord KML
Cornish KML
Deerfield KML
Deering KML
Derry KML
Dover KML
Dublin KML
Dunbarton KML
Epsom KML
Exeter KML
Francestown KML
Gilford KML
Grantham KML
Greenland KML
Hampstead KML
Hancock KML
Hanover KML
Holderness KML
Hollis KML
Hopkinton KML
Hudson KML
Jefferson KML
Keene KML
Kingston KML
Lancaster KML
Landaff KML
Lebanon KML
Londonderry KML
Loudon KML
Lyme KML
Madbury KML
Manchester KML
Marlborough KML
Mason KML
Meredith KML
Merrimack KML
Milford KML
New Boston KML
New London KML
Newport KML
Pembroke KML
Peterborough KML
Plainfield KML
Plymouth KML
Portsmouth KML
Sanbornton KML
Sandwich KML
South Hampton KML
Stratham KML
Sunapee KML
Swanzey KML
Tamworth KML
Temple KML
Tuftonboro KML
Walpole KML
Weare KML
Webster KML
Windham KML
Wolfeboro KML
Acworth TXF
Alstead TXF
Alton TXF
Amherst TXF
Andover TXF
Atkinson TXF
Barnstead TXF
Barrington TXF
Bath TXF
Bedford TXF
Boscawen TXF
Brentwood TXF
Canaan TXF
Canterbury TXF
Carroll TXF
Charlestown TXF
Chichester TXF
Concord TXF
Cornish TXF
Deerfield TXF
Deering TXF
Derry TXF
Dover TXF
Dublin TXF
Dunbarton TXF
Epsom TXF
Exeter TXF
Francestown TXF
Gilford TXF
Grantham TXF
Greenland TXF
Hampstead TXF
Hancock TXF
Hanover TXF
Holderness TXF
Hollis TXF
Hopkinton TXF
Hudson TXF
Jefferson TXF
Keene TXF
Kingston TXF
Lancaster TXF
Landaff TXF
Lebanon TXF
Londonderry TXF
Loudon TXF
Lyme TXF
Madbury TXF
Manchester TXF
Marlborough TXF
Mason TXF
Meredith TXF
Merrimack TXF
Milford TXF
New Boston TXF
New London TXF
Newport TXF
Pembroke TXF
Peterborough TXF
Plainfield TXF
Plymouth TXF
Portsmouth TXF
Sanbornton TXF
Sandwich TXF
South Hampton TXF
Stratham TXF
Sunapee TXF
Swanzey TXF
Tamworth TXF
Temple TXF
Tuftonboro TXF
Walpole TXF
Weare TXF
Webster TXF
Windham TXF
Wolfeboro TXF

Microsoft Word Symbol Microsoft Word format. You can download a free reader from Microsoft.

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