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Fuel Prices

Under the US Department of Energy's State Heating Oil and Propane Program (SHOPP), OEP monitors residential retail prices for heating oil and propane to determine the average prices for these fuels in New Hampshire. In addition to the federal SHOPP program, OEP also monitors gasoline, diesel fuel, electricity, wood pellet, cord wood and natural gas prices.

Fuel Oil, Propane and Kerosene prices are updated weekly from the first Monday in October until the end of March, and monthly during the remainder of the year. Natural Gas and Electricity prices are updated monthly and Wood Pellets and Cord Wood prices are updated quarterly.

Average Fuel Prices in New Hampshire

Note that the prices that OEP publishes are averages and therefore might be different than your local price. For more information about how prices can be affected by various factors, visit our Deliverable Fuels Pricing page. For information on how prices are collected, please see the Notes below as well as the EIA's Explanatory Notes pdf file and Frequently Asked Questions for the SHOPP program.

Why does my propane price differ from the average listed here?

For additional information, please see the US Energy Information Administration's Winter Heating Fuels page.

And always keep in mind, much will depend on the efficiency of any given appliance -- a ductless heat pump, for example, is more efficient than a space heater. For more information on how to make your home or business more efficient, visit NH Saves.


Current Heating Fuel Values - Posted February 9, 2016
Fuel Type Price/Unit Heat Content
Per Unit (BTU)
Price Per Million BTU
(See Note 1)
Fuel Oil (#2) $1.96/Gallon 138,690 $14.15
Propane $2.74/Gallon 91,333 $30.00
Kerosene $2.74/Gallon 135,000 $20.32

Chart of short-term price trends. (Posted 2/9/16)

Current Heating Fuel Values - Posted February 2, 2016
Fuel Type Price/Unit Heat Content
Per Unit (BTU)
Price Per Million BTU
(See Note 1)
Natural Gas 1st Tier (<100 Therms) (see Note 2) $.89/Therm 100,000 $8.94
Natural Gas 2nd Tier (>100 Therms) (see Note 2) $.83/Therm 100,000 $8.34
Electricity (see Note 2) $0.16/kwh 3,412 $47.40


Current Heating Fuel Values - Updated January 20, 2016
Fuel Type Price/Unit Heat Content
Per Unit (BTU)
Price Per Million BTU
(See Note 1)
Wood (Bulk Delivered Pellets) (see Note 3) $254.31 16,500,000 $15.41
Wood (Cord) (see Note 4) $305/Cord 20,000,000 $15.25


Current Motor Fuel Values - Updated February 2, 2016
(see Note 5)
Gasoline Diesel Electric Vehicle
$1.81/gallon $2.10/gallon $1.65/gallon equivalent


  1. Pricing information is presented in per-BTU (British Thermal Unit) format in order to give consumers an idea of the true cost of the fuel per unit of heat. This calculation is based on conversion factors provided by the US Energy Information Agency. A gallon of oil, when burned, will produce a different amount of heat than a ton of wood.
  2. Price/Unit does not include the Customer Charge. This charge recovers costs the utility incurs in providing service to a customer – such as maintenance, reading your meter(s), maintaining account records, and managing a 24-hour customer service center. This is a fixed cost regardless of the amount of gas or electricity you use. Please also note that the NH Public Utilities Commission regulates electric and natural gas utilities.
  3. Wood pellets priced contain 70% - 85% hardwood; delivery size: 3-10 tons. Updated quarterly.
  4. The price of firewood sold by the cord can vary widely depending on the location, time of year and quality of the wood being sold. The cost shown here is an average of "seasoned" cordwood to allow for a general comparison to other forms of energy. Cordwood can be highly variable in moisture content, quality, species makeup, etc., correspondingly heat values and prices will vary. For information on using cordwood, see Heating with Wood from the UNH Cooperative Extension.
  5. Motor fuel pricing is obtained from the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report. Electric vehicle pricing obtained from the US Department of Energy's eGallon tool.

Historical Data

How do current fuel prices compare with past prices in New Hampshire? See the PDFs below for trend graphs.

  • Long-term: NH 15-Year Heating Price Trend (October 2000 to March 2015) Chart pdf file

  • Mid-Term: NH 18-month Heating Price Trend (October 2013 to March 2015) Chart  pdf file

  • Short-Term: NH Winter of 2015, by week (January 12, 2015 to March 30, 2015) Chart pdf file


The Office of Energy and Planning does not project or estimate future energy prices. The US Energy Information Administration provides a number of forecasts and analyses of energy prices, including their monthly Short Term Energy Outlook and Winter Fuels Outlook.

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