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Scope of Practice (RN) & (LPN)

I. A RN shall, with or without compensation or personal profit, practice nursing that incorporates caring for all clients in all settings, is guided by nursing standards consistent with standards established by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and approved by the board, and shall be limited to:

(a) Providing comprehensive nursing assessment of the health status of clients, families, groups, and communities.

(b) Collaborating with a health care team to develop an integrated client-centered plan of health care.

(c) Developing a plan of nursing strategies to be integrated within the client-centered health care plan that establishes nursing diagnoses, setting goals to meet identified health care needs, prescribing nursing interventions, and implementing nursing care through the execution of independent nursing strategies and prescribed medical regimen.

(d) Delegating and assigning nursing interventions to implement the plan of care.

(e) Providing for the maintenance of safe and effective nursing care rendered directly or indirectly.

(f) Promoting a safe and therapeutic environment.

(g) Providing health teaching and counseling to promote, attain, and maintain the optimum health level of clients, families, groups, and communities.

(h) Advocating for clients, families, groups, and communities by attaining and maintaining what is in the best interest of the client or group.

(i) Evaluating responses to interventions and the effectiveness of the plan of care.

(j) Communicating and collaborating with other health care professionals in the management of health care and the implementation of the total health care regimen within and across care settings.

(k) Acquiring and applying critical new knowledge and technologies to the practice of nursing.

(l) Managing, supervising, and evaluating the practice of nursing.

(m) Teaching the theory and practice of nursing.

(n) Participating in the development of policies, procedures, and systems to support the client.

(o) Other nursing services that require education and training prescribed by the board and in conformance with national nursing standards. Additional nursing services shall be commensurate with the RN’s experience, continuing education, and demonstrated competencies.

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